New scarf collection!

The Purple Elephant now has a new scarf collection – The Whimsical Collection. These scarves are done by selecting 12 different types and colors of yarns, laying them out in groups, and then tying them together. This makes a multi-color, variegated look. To get the collection started, I’ve posted the first four on my Etsy site.

Handpainted floorcloth

The world of floorcloths are new to me but I love painting them. I also love the fact that you can walk on them, they are pet friendly, you can use a WetJet on it and more importantly, they’re COOL! Do you know anyone who has one? Exactly, you’ll be cool because you have one and they don’t. Or so they say. 🙂

To me this one reminds me of a feather. What does it remind you of?

The best infinity scarf…EVER

It’s my favorite scarf. I love the yarn. I love the pattern. I love how everyone looks at it in admiration. There’s nothing to not like about this beautiful scarf.