So Hard to Decide

make your choice

I thought I had it all figured out. Who I was going to go with for agency #2, but then I got to researching more and now I’m more confused and unsure than I have been so far.

My local agency recommended agencies that they use – WACAP, Wide Horizons, and Holt – specifically for Ethiopia. All except WACAP are currently accepting new applicants. So I figured my decision was made.

I recently joined a yahoo group for Ethiopia adoptive families. I have learned a lot by reading their questions and advice. Things I wouldn’t have thought about ¬†yet. Tips on where to stay when traveling to Ethiopia and what to do to the water in order to be okay drinking it.

I posted a question today asking for feedback on agencies that have an open Ethiopia program and that accept single woman. I asked for people to message me offline and I received a few responses. One suggested the agency they are currently using – Adoption Associates. So I started researching reviews and testimonials, etc. I found nothing that raised any red flags. I filled out a form so I could be emailed a packet of information. I haven’t received it yet though.

I’ve emailed my local case worker to see if she has heard of them or if she has ever worked with them. I just wonder if she will try and convince me to use one of the agencies that they normally deal with. I like to have options.

My goal by end of this weekend – to pick agency #2 and apply

Anyone out there have any agency feedback or other agency suggestions?