The Walking Dead 3.16 “Welcome to the Tombs”

walking-dead-carl-rick-season-3-finale-amcBy far one of my favorite shows. This season was much better than season 2, IMO. I have likes and dislikes with this episode. Here are my thoughts.

Milton – I was not expecting the opening scene to be The Governor beating the crap out of Milton. I kept thinking it was Andrea. I felt really bad for Milton in this episode. I liked his character and kept hoping he would run away with Andrea and live with Rick’s group. DISLIKE

Andrea – She has annoyed me all season. Sure, she was trying to be the good person and save everyone, but I’m sorry, after she discovered The Governor was keeping zombie heads in fish tanks – my butt would have been out of there so quickly. Now we are at the finale and she is handcuffed to a medical/dentist-type chair – could she have gone any slower in freeing herself??? Yes, let’s talk to Milton and watch him – let’s not, at the very least, be working on freeing yourself. So I hate to say it but she sort of deserved to get bitten in the end. She had ample time and she wasted it. Of course part of me was still sad to see her go, but luckily she was with her friends and left on her terms. LIKE & DISLIKE

The Governor – Boy did he go off the deep end and was counterproductive by shooting all his men. I thought for sure he was going to die this season so I was disappointed to see he didn’t. I guess that leaves him as the bad guy for Season 4. DISLIKE

Woodbury Peeps – I’m happy they decided to bring those folks to the prison. But from the looks of it, they are either young, women, or older people. I hope there are some that can help fight because their core group is getting smaller and smaller. LIKE

Carl – Poor kid. He is turning into a cold-hearted human being. I hope he changes but I’m thinking it would be tough to not be cold in a world like this. He has become a great fighter and defender of their group but he needs to check himself and not lose his humanity.  DISLIKE

I can’t recall anything else from this episode. I did read on the Internet yesterday that The Governor will be a “series character” so he will most likely be returning next season. I also heard that in the comics Andrea doesn’t die and The Governor does. I have the comics but haven’t read them yet. Plan to in between seasons.

What’s your opinion on this finale?