So far behind…

My last blog talked about my stim day 4 and stim day 6 monitoring appointments. A lot has happened. So I’ll do a quick fill in to catch you up to today.

1/6/15 – Stim day 8 – measured 8 follicles, estrogen 584
1/8/15 – Stim day 10 – still measured 8 follicles, estrogen 1166, this night I had acupuncture
1/9/15 – Stim day 11 – measured 12 follicles, estrogen 1474
1/10/15 – Stim day 12 – still measured 12, estrogen 1671
1/11/15 – Stim day 13 – measured 7 (had a tech in training), estrogen 1980
1/12/15 – Stim day 14 – back to measuring 12 (whew!), estrogen 2197, TRIGGER TIME!
1/13/15 – had acupuncture the night before retrieval
1/14/15 – egg retrieval, retrieved 17 eggs
1/15/15 – status call – out of the 17, 14 were mature, 8 fertilized
1/16/15 – 3 4cell, 1 3cell, 4 2cell
1/17/15 – 1 8cell, 2 7cell, 2 6cell, 2 5cell, 1 3cell
1/19/15 – Day 5 transfer, transfered the best three
Today – 2dp5dt, and the 2ww begins
Beta will be 2/2/15

So that should have everyone up to speed in case anyone out there was wondering what happened….not!

Oh, and I was being very optimistic that I might have at least two to freeze, but on day 6 I got the call that none made it to freeze. So this is it, my last attempt. I pray it works. I’m scared.

IVF #3 – What are you taking?

Were the first words out of my nurse’s mouth when she called me this afternoon. She was amazed on the huge difference this cycle has been compared to the last one. This morning, which is injection day 11, my appointment showed 14 follicles, but 13 were measured. It looks like maybe around 8-9 are mature right now based on my estrogen levels. So my estrogen went from 1330 to 1796 since yesterday. They are hoping that in the next day or so, the 15 and 16’s will catch up.

When my nurse said those four words to me on the phone, I simply laughed. Of course I still didn’t share that I was taking DHEA but who’s to say that’s what is making the difference. From what I’ve been reading, there might be more punch power in CoQ10. And since I had a minimal increase two days ago, last night I doubled up on the CoQ10. I know it didn’t make anything happen the way it did, but in my mind it helped.

I just did my trigger shot. I wasn’t nervous like I normally am at this time. I iced it up, mixed up the stuff and took it to my mom to give it to me. She laughs at me because I put an X where she needs to target…LOL.

It’s refreshing to know that I had no other injections tonight and from this point on. Now I get to think wonderful thoughts about my retrieval at 9am on Saturday and wish these follicles luck and super growth. With the possibility of retrieving 8-10 eggs, this just makes my odds that much better. This will allow me to do a day-5 transfer and pick which ones make it to blastocyst. That does make me nervous though because I still have some milestones to reach – retrieval, fertilization, division, and blastocyst. All of this in one week. I just know my eggs can do it.

So far I’ve shocked my nurse and I wonder if I’ve shocked my doctor too. Or maybe doing all these stimulating drugs has woken the fertility beast in me and is charged up now. Being single I would think things go into a deep hibernation.

Got the Green Light

I had an appointment this morning to do an ultrasound and blood work to determine if I’m producing enough follicles to proceed with the IUI. She checked my right side and there was one but didn’t meet the size requirements. She then moved to my left side and there were five! Three of them are of the right size. I think originally the doctor said she was hoping for at leave five good ones so it sounds like it might not work this time. But we’ll see.

Tonight I have the trigger shot. This shot will trigger ovulation so they can predict pretty much exactly when to perform the insemination. I scheduled the IUI for Friday, July 5th, 2013.