Why The Following Just Might Be the Most Insulting Show on TV

This article sums up exactly what I have been feeling each and every episode. I am one of those who say “oh come on”, for example, why on several accounts does the team split up to walk around a dark building or what they know can’t be an empty house. Never split up! I watch enough scary movies to know that simple fact. There have been many cases where I have noticed the stupid things they do or don’t do to not catch Joe. But I still love the show and I’ll still be “following” it. 🙂


The Following may very well be the most insulting show on television.

It’s not that the Fox drama—about the hunt for an escaped serial killer and the community of wannabe serial killers that he’d built up around him—actively insults those who tune in. Indeed, it’s a relatively smart, tense drama peppered with references to Edgar Allen Poe and cultural and technological concepts that aren’t necessarily real (or logical). However, every single episode since the pilot has hinged on one basic concept: The good guys are apparently idiots.

At first, I was okay with this. I could accept that law-enforcement might be fallible; otherwise, the show would be an hour of Kevin Bacon’s former FBI agent Ryan Hardy talking to James Purefoy’s creepy-yet-charming psychopath Joe Carroll, explaining that there was no way that an imprisoned serial killer would’ve been able to use the Internet to set up thousands of websites to gain…

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