I love the summertime. It’s when the grass turns green, the flowers bloom, and everything looks like it’s been splashed with some color. That’s why the summertime is enjoyable for me. I wish I could say that I go on vacation or that I go to the beach. Nope, none of that happens. But what I do get into is working out in the yard. I. love. it.

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Last week I began by pulling the weeds in the front beds. Last year these flower beds were horrible. I mean, weeds up to my waist in some places. I’ve employed the help of TruGreen and this year was so much better. Still a few but NOTHING like last year. To me weeding is like therapy. I sit on a roll-away garden seat and weed away. The front of the house looks really good. I only have some bulbs blooming there but otherwise it looks good.

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The back yard is a whole other can of worms. Much bigger space and tons more to do. Last year I removed all the landscape timbers edging the perimeter of my yard and boxed in my trees. What a terrible look that is, IMO. My vision is to have cascading flowerbeds, curved nicely around the yard, etc. I have a lot of plans for my back yard but can’t think about that yet.

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Last week I bought five light-colored plain bricks to see how it would look as a double border edging my front flower beds. I also bought an Edge Hog to edge my sidewalks and to dig a curvy line around my flower beds. I haven’t put it together just yet since I’m unsure of my design. A friend of mine’s neighbor does landscape work and I’m contemplating getting a consult from him or doing it myself. I would hate to do it myself and it look terrible. Oy!

Can I really make it look worse though?


The Japanese Maple tree in my front yard isn’t doing well. Had my friend’s dad look at it and he thinks it could be root rot. Doesn’t sound like it will recover. I have made up my mind to add a second tree to the front. I was deciding between a Tulip Tree or a Pink Dogwood. I live on a busy street so I thought the tulip tree could muffle some of that noise, but I love the dogwood and how beautiful it is but it’s more delicate looking than the tulip tree.


A few other projects that I’d like to do this year but probably won’t get to it is: remove a big tree in the backyard and two stumps, install lattice around the bottom of the deck, remove the grapevine in the corner.

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So that’s it for now. If I do a project I’ll be sure to post before and after photos.