I’m Okay With That

I started my second round of IUI this past Sunday, with Sunday being CD1. I went in this morning for my CD3 blood work and ultrasound. I arrived at a bright an early 7am just to find the building door locked. A bunch of us waited to be let in and all ended up going to the same place. I was practically last. I signed in and waited.

I was called back to a room. The technician found a cyst. They said I needed blood work done to check the estrogen levels of the cyst. They drew blood and then I headed off to work.

I received a call from my nurse coordinator and she said my estrogen levels were something like 246, and that we need to skip this cycle and try again next month. I’m okay with that. Of course I’m disappointed but I don’t really have any right to be sad or upset. There are many people who have been on this journey for much longer. And I’d rather skip a month then for them to continue and it not work anyway.

I’m honestly not sure what the estrogen level does for fertility. I asked my nurse coordinator but she was vague. I tried researching it but couldn’t really find it. All I was told was that if my estrogen levels were elevated, and I took the fertility meds, that my E2 levels would be high. Doesn’t tell me anything. Is it bad for the levels to be high? I obviously don’t know how this all works.

So I wait. The upside is I’ve ordered Clomid, Ovidrel and more Progesterone. I’ve ordered additional donor sperm. So…when the cycle is good to go, so am I.