4dp3dt = Seven


What does 4dp3dt mean? 4 days past 3 day transfer. Seven days since they were fertilized!!!

I’m doing good. I think. I of course continue to research every little twinge, cramp, or pull and even this morning I googled ‘4dp3dt symptoms’. I read so many wonderful stories but in all honestly, I think what I’m feeling is all from the Endometrin. Endo is mean and tends to give the same symptoms of implantation and pregnancy. See why I don’t like Endo?

I woke up a couple of times early morning with terrible lower back pain and cramping. The cramping didn’t wake me up as it wasn’t that intense but once awake I noticed it. I kept flip flopping to either my left side or my right side. I couldn’t get comfortable. I can’t sleep on my stomach because of my neck issues. It sucked.

I’m also bloated. Again I’m sure it’s Endo. My abdominal feels tight, probably due to the bloating feeling.

I kept busy last night. My new DVR from Verizon arrived so I had to get that hooked back up. Then I played with my new photo scanner. It’s very small and transportable and scans very quickly and at a good resolution. I probably scanned almost 200 photos while watching TV.

I try to keep busy. At home and at work. Even when I’m busy, I’m thinking. So it’s going to be a long 2ww.

Insurance Approved, Authorization Finalized


I know insurance has never been something quick, but I had a nice window to get this approved and it took close to six weeks. Maybe that is quick in the insurance world, but it’s not in the world of a waiting mother-to-be. So insurance was approved last Tuesday and Shady Grove had to submit an authorization which took another week but that was finally approved yesterday. Things are looking good I might say!

The financial coordinator reminded me that my insurance only covers 80%. I knew that but forgot about it when HR said I’d be covered 100%. Well 100% doesn’t equal 80%. So I was taken back a bit. I’m so grateful that I have help from insurance because otherwise I wasn’t sure how I would pull this off. Fundraising was moving slow and I did receive one hateful email regarding what I was doing. Whatever.

Because I kept thinking 100% 100% 100%, I made plans for my tax return money. I had three trees in my backyard that were dying and I wondered during each and every wind storm, or snow storm, which tree was going to come down. So they are all removed and stumps were grinded out. Then I’ve been having problems with my one dog escaping my chain link fence chasing feral cats. The chain link around my backyard is terrible. It curls up at the bottom and I’ve tried placed poles through the fence mesh and pounded them into the ground to better secure the fence. But she still managed to escape. I knew I had to get a new fence. I contemplated replacing it with a new chain link fence, but it’s only three feet tall. My puppy could jump that if she wanted.

Plus my biggest thing was thinking of is that when I do have a baby, I’d want privacy. So I called a few fence guys and got quotes. Long Fence came in at the lowest so I signed a contract with them. I’m getting a six foot shadowbox fence, wooden, with a double gate for unloading my car in the backyard if I ever need to. I live on a busy road and people walk up and down this road daily and all day long. I want my child to be able to play in the backyard in private, where no one can see them. So the fence project has begun, but the building of it has not yet. They called Miss Utility out and they have to submit paperwork for a building permit. They estimate 3-4 weeks so sometime mid-April they should begin replacing my fence.

This is just bad timing now that I know insurance doesn’t cover 100%. But I’ve looked at my budget and I can make this work. I will make this work. And without using my credit cards.

Back to the baby making process. Tomorrow I go in for a Lupron Evaluation, which is blood work and ultrasound. I’m assuming this will tell them if I can begin the Lupron injections this Saturday. I’ll be giving myself these injections every 12 hours for roughly 5-6 days. I’m ready. Let’s go!

More frequent posts as I begin the IVF process!!!

IUI #1 Beta Test – Negative

Just like I suspected, the nurse coordinator called me this afternoon and said that my conclusion was correct. It was a negative. I could be sad and upset but honestly, this was my first one. The most I am is disappointed. I’m not sad or upset at all. I didn’t think it would happen the first time. Sure, I would have loved it if it happened the first time but it didn’t. I think with the first round, I was stressed because it was a new process, stressed giving myself the injections, stressed by reading forums and message boards, stressed when I made the payment, stressed researching every little possible symptom I thought I was having.

So this weekend I begin the second round. This time I plan to be different. I won’t worry about that payment as I’m hopefully going to be approved for a loan. I won’t worry about the injections because now I’ve done it and it was easy. I won’t worry during the two week wait. The things that I will do is stay off the Internet, stay off the forums and message boards, stay busy in a positive way, not count down the days until the beta test. Then on beta day, remain cautiously positive and stay busy.

On to round 2!