The Upside to Paperwork

I received my first batch of paperwork last week, however I am just now getting to it now, or I should say that I am REALLY reading through it now….I skimmed it before. They list some items that are needed (birth certificate, marriage certificate, and Rob’s death certificate). I know I have them somewhere….but the question is – where?

So…to be completely honest, I have never been good about filing paperwork and keeping it all organized. It drives me nuts, so I keep building up these piles until I move the pile into a box or file cabinet. The last year or so I’ve been wanting to scan all paperwork in so I have it electronically. And since I have to find tons of paperwork, I suppose there is no better time than right now to get Project Scan started.

The simple way would be to just order those three items again (which I checked and it would be roughly $90 bucks). Not bad in a normal life’s budget, however with adoption costs always bouncing around in my head, I can’t justify paying for them – if I already have them. So the hunt begins….

So the upside to this adoption process (aside from the end result of having a wonderful and loving child, of course) is that I will be able to finally get my life, my paperwork, and my space organized.