22 Weeks

As I’m sitting here eating my lunch I got to thinking about this whole being pregnant thing. I’m starting to believe it’s actually happening. Aside from all the puking I did the first 12 weeks or so, I’m enjoying the changes my body is going through.

  1. Can’t cross my legs when sitting. Belly makes me a bit uncomfortable.
  2. Harder time lifting my leg to shave them. This summer I could have hairy legs, or maybe I can let some Nair drip down my legs and then wash them off.
  3. Putting my socks on sideways. Summer I shouldn’t be wearing socks, but the last few days it’s been rainy and freezing at work. Socks it is then.
  4. Sleeping on my sides is getting annoying. My whole life I’ve been a stomach sleeper. My body naturally knew that it wasn’t an option and allowed me to fall asleep on my sides. I was told I can’t sleep on my back because of pressure and blood flow, SO that leaves two sides of my body. I’m starting to not find this comfortable, and how much longer do I have? Geez.
  5. I change the polish on my toes last week. Saw how difficult this is becoming. Either my mom will have to change the polish, I’ll go with naked toes for the summer, or I’ll go to a nail place and pay to have them change the color (although I hate to do that), so we’ll see how this goes.
  6. Lower back, butt cheek, top of back of leg pain. I think this muscle is connected and the whole damn thing hurts. I sit at a desk during the week and when I go to stand up, I morph into a 98 year old.
  7. Love the belly getting bigger. I’ve never felt so lovely and beautiful having a big belly.
  8. Last couple of weeks I’ve felt movement. Not sure if he’s kicking, punching, or rolling over, but I feel “stuff” going on.
  9. I’ve gained about 10lbs. And I don’t mind!
  10. I finally get to park in the Expectant Mother’s parking spot at work. I’ll only be able to take advantage of this once, so I am.
  11. Had so much fun painting the nursery. Took me only a day and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.
  12. Mom ordered the crib and it arrived yesterday. This weekend I’ll be putting it together. The dresser comes next week. Did I mention it’s feeling more real.
  13. Oh…invitations have been sent out. I can’t wait to see who RSVPs.

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