Bates Motel 1.07 “The Man in Number 9”

627I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. I’ve loved it from the first episode. I love how you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s not predictable like some other shows are. I really enjoy the complexity of each character and just how creepy they all can be. I think Dylan might be the only non-creepy one on the show.


Norman is coming undone at the seams. You can now start to see his true colors and gut reactions to things. I thought him and Bradley were fantasies, although it was confirmed that the first time did actually happen. I thought it was so weird that he is fantasizing with Bradley under his covers, his mom walks in and he throws back the covers, almost like he was hoping she would see them together – naked.

When Norman found that muddy, dirty dog under the house, I thought for sure he was trying to lure her to him so he could kill her with that hammer. The way he was holding it had me so worried. I was convinced the entire episode that Norman was going to try and kill that dog. I was wrong. It was sad to see the dog get hit by the car. I’m a dog lover so not a fan of seeing that.

Norma is hot one minute and cold the next. I would be exhausted with such dramatic changes in mood like that. And she was not smart last night, allowing that creepy man to stay in that room without getting any of his information. Thanks Dylan for taking control and doing the right thing.

Creepy guy – so he wants to book all the rooms every other month for a week. Could he be the ring leader of the sex slave situation? Is he just a customer who brings friends along? I’m sure he’s not going anywhere so I really can’t wait to see more of his story.

Poor Emma. I like her.

When Norman was leaving Bradley’s after she rejected him and she ran after him. When he turned to face her, he almost had that look of “insane” and thought he was going to kill or at least hurt her. It was almost like he snapped out of it once she hugged him.

Oh and Romero, this whole time he was portraying a by-the-books kind of guy and after learning everything that happened, he went a little bad and gave them a story to use instead. So my thought on this is that he is somehow connected to that trafficking story and if he reported what Norma said, he might get caught, so to keep his cover, he made up a story that will satisfy the family and keep him safe.

So do you have any plot/story ideas on what will happen next? Share if you do.

Bates Motel 1.03 “What’s Wrong With Norman”


Where to begin with the episode…so much was revealed. This is another show that I was anxiously waiting and it was so worth the wait. The mother, Norma, does such an amazing job acting and showing the different sides of her character. Norman really showed his colors in this episode – blowing up at Emma. I just love the dynamics between all the characters. We learned that Norman has black outs, which is something I read of on the Internet, that people had this theory and that he was the one who killed his dad. We were led to believe that it was Norma, but looking back, she was very calm about the whole thing, like covering up for Norman was a natural and often occurrence.

And I knew it, I just knew that Deputy Shelby was up to no good and this episode brought that to light. He was just too smooth and cool. But I never thought that he was the one who actually had the girl from the first episode. I just thought maybe he knew about all that going on. And now Norma is going to get stuck in the middle of all that trying to save Norman’s secret of keeping that utility belt. Ugh.

Ew, ew, and some more ew…..the weird things going on between Norman and Norma are just gross. I wonder how far this show will take that. I’m sure we’ll find out because I think they will only share more and more with each other.

I haven’t been a fan of the brother, Dylan, but it appears that the next episode he helps Norman figure out what he sees in Deputy Shelby’s basement. So now the question I have is, did Shelby know someone was there and move everything out OR did Norman imagine the whole thing?