I’ll try anything….really.

Between the adoption route and the IUI route, I have spent a good chunk of money. I don’t mind really however I don’t have a money tree growing out back. Wish I did! I’ve made some handmade things such as scarves, wraps, some beaded jewelry, etc., and placed everything on Etsy hoping to sell. Well I might sell something every few months. Nothing that will help my baby fund.

I tried taking on a part time job with a friend of mine but that turned out to be me working for free. Who wants to do that? I’m trying to make money, not work for none. So I stopped working with him and moved on to another money making attempt.

Origami Owl.

Have you heard of it? It’s such a unique and personalized jewelry line that I fell in love with it. A 14 year old girl wanted her own car when she turned 16 and her parents said she had to get that money herself. So she built this business of Living Lockets where each locket tells a story.



So I took the plunge and signed up to be a Designer so I can sell this wonderful idea and make money while doing something fun. I love jewelry. I love Origami Owl.

I have done so well with it and I’ve only been doing it for about three months. I’m making a couple hundred a month which, ya know, anything helps.

So I’m writing about this in case anyone out there would like to help me out and order a necklace or bracelet, some charms, and whatever else you’d like to have to tell your story.

I made myself one that I wear everyday and it’s sort of my Wish Locket. I have a baby stroller, the word hope, a faith plate, and a girl charm. I also have a Husband Locket – cancer ribbon, in memory of heart, the initial R for his name, and and angel. He died in 1997 but like to keep his memory alive.

There are so many stories to be told….what’s yours?


If you’d like to purchase one, you can go to my website at tracylogan.origamiowl.com and simply add what you want to your cart. Questions? Ask me! All money made will help me to be able to afford my next step of IVF. I don’t get insurance because I’m single so this is what I’m relying on to supplement that money.