Next steps

I know it’s been a few days since I said my appointment to meet with my doctor was, but I needed a little bit of time to process everything that I was told.

  • IVF is the next step
  • ICSI
  • Assisted hatching – wait what?
  • Highest does of meds – wasn’t ready for that.
  • Doesn’t want me waiting more than six months
  • Pretty positive I won’t have any viable embries to freeze
  • Cost is higher than I had planned (because of ICSI and assisted hatching + meds)

So I didn’t leave her office in tears but I was overwhelmed and worried. I’m still not sure how I will do this. Sometimes I think that maybe since it’s so hard for me to make this happen, that I’m not supposed to be a mom. Of course, that hurts. Then I lift myself back up and think that I can do this (still not sure how) and I will figure this all out.

I keep reading other people’s success stories and so far 98% of them happened on the first try. I’d like to think the same for me but I didn’t hear the words from the doctor “I can’t guarantee it but I think this will happen the first try”. Then I could just pay for the one time and be done with it. But since I didn’t hear those words, I think in order for me to not feel too stressed is to do the multi-cycle discount option. But then I am overpaying if it does happen the first time.

What to do, what to do?

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