This Changes Everything

Over the past few weeks I’ve been stressing about this whole fundraiser, but I still chugged away at sending out emails here and there when I had time. It’s hard. Awkward. Uncomfortable. I was going down a list I made of everyone I know.

One day last week, in the middle of a high stress project I was working on, my manager comes over to my desk and wants to talk to me. I get up and follow him, however we didn’t go to his office, we went into our Director’s office. So now I’m thinking, “OMG, what did I do wrong on this project?” “Did someone say something?” “Did I say something in an email that was taken out of context?”. The thoughts were flying through my mind.

My manager closes the door and I said “ah oh”. My Director said “no ah oh”. We all sat down. My director then begins to tell me that my manager brought him my fundraiser email. I instantly started sweating and thought “oh no, I’m getting in trouble for sending my manager my fundraiser website!”. Panic started to set in. He continues to go on. He then asks me what I know about our health benefits. I told him what I knew and what I found our recently.

He said that when my manager told him about my fundraiser story, he then charged upstairs to our HR department and told them my story. She then proceeded to call at our corporate office’s HR department and they confirmed what she had thought.

You ready?

Our company health insurance has an exception policy written in. The exception states that if ANYONE has at least one failed insemination attempt, that moves me to a covered status. So basically that means that my insurance will cover my IVF up to a certain amount. HOLY CRAP!

I sat there, watching my directors lips moving and hearing what he was saying. But honestly it was like I was an outer body experience. He finished and I still sat there. Staring at him. I said “wait, wait, what are you telling me?” I was shocked, speechless, dumbfounded, nervous, happy, excited, hesitant.

I finally go back to my desk and sat there trembling. I had to tell someone or I might bust at the seams. I pulled a coworker in to a private room to tell her. She was thrilled and hugged me a few times. I then told my mom. But I didn’t want to tell everyone until I heard it from HR myself. I was, and still am, waiting for that other shoe to drop.

I confirmed with my HR that what I was told was true – the next day. I then went about telling everyone. It’s still not 100% approved. Last week I contacted my nurse and she faxed me over some medical history to provide the insurance. I emailed that to HR last Friday.

Today I emailed HR to make sure they received it. They informed me that they sent it to their contact at the insurance and we hope to hear something later this week. It might end up being a back and forth situation where I have to keep getting information, but I’ll do what I have to do.

Message of this story: You never know what someone can do to help. Share with everyone. All it takes is your story landing in the right person’s lap to make a difference. And what a difference this has made.

I never thought in a million years that something like this would happen. It is renewing my faith and giving me some hope.