“No Poo” Movement

Have you heard about this? There is a movement to not shampoo your hair very often. Some people might only shampoo once a week, twice a month, or even once a month. Now when I read this I was concerned that as a society, we would stink but…you do actually continue to wash your hair but either with just water or some people are making their own natural shampoo – 1 part baking soda + 3 parts water.

I’m curious. People say that is improves your hair quality x 100. They say that the first 30 days are the hardest. Hair gets oily, stringy, matted and whatever else happens. But once you get past that first 30 days, your hair is soft and manageable!

So being the researcher that I am, I looked into the chemical used in shampoo and they are really damaging to the hair. Maybe not all shampoo and probably not all ingredients used but enough to make me wonder.

Is anyone currently active in this movement?

Has anyone tried this before? What happened?

Anyone up for the challenge with me? I’ll be honest, I’ll have to start small and only shampoo once a week but it’s a start, right?