This Changes Everything

Over the past few weeks I’ve been stressing about this whole fundraiser, but I still chugged away at sending out emails here and there when I had time. It’s hard. Awkward. Uncomfortable. I was going down a list I made of everyone I know.

One day last week, in the middle of a high stress project I was working on, my manager comes over to my desk and wants to talk to me. I get up and follow him, however we didn’t go to his office, we went into our Director’s office. So now I’m thinking, “OMG, what did I do wrong on this project?” “Did someone say something?” “Did I say something in an email that was taken out of context?”. The thoughts were flying through my mind.

My manager closes the door and I said “ah oh”. My Director said “no ah oh”. We all sat down. My director then begins to tell me that my manager brought him my fundraiser email. I instantly started sweating and thought “oh no, I’m getting in trouble for sending my manager my fundraiser website!”. Panic started to set in. He continues to go on. He then asks me what I know about our health benefits. I told him what I knew and what I found our recently.

He said that when my manager told him about my fundraiser story, he then charged upstairs to our HR department and told them my story. She then proceeded to call at our corporate office’s HR department and they confirmed what she had thought.

You ready?

Our company health insurance has an exception policy written in. The exception states that if ANYONE has at least one failed insemination attempt, that moves me to a covered status. So basically that means that my insurance will cover my IVF up to a certain amount. HOLY CRAP!

I sat there, watching my directors lips moving and hearing what he was saying. But honestly it was like I was an outer body experience. He finished and I still sat there. Staring at him. I said “wait, wait, what are you telling me?” I was shocked, speechless, dumbfounded, nervous, happy, excited, hesitant.

I finally go back to my desk and sat there trembling. I had to tell someone or I might bust at the seams. I pulled a coworker in to a private room to tell her. She was thrilled and hugged me a few times. I then told my mom. But I didn’t want to tell everyone until I heard it from HR myself. I was, and still am, waiting for that other shoe to drop.

I confirmed with my HR that what I was told was true – the next day. I then went about telling everyone. It’s still not 100% approved. Last week I contacted my nurse and she faxed me over some medical history to provide the insurance. I emailed that to HR last Friday.

Today I emailed HR to make sure they received it. They informed me that they sent it to their contact at the insurance and we hope to hear something later this week. It might end up being a back and forth situation where I have to keep getting information, but I’ll do what I have to do.

Message of this story: You never know what someone can do to help. Share with everyone. All it takes is your story landing in the right person’s lap to make a difference. And what a difference this has made.

I never thought in a million years that something like this would happen. It is renewing my faith and giving me some hope.

Fundraising….take 2…action!

I’ve explored this idea when I was in the middle of an international adoption. Now I’m back, but this time it’s to help me financially with moving forward with IVF. I’ve had three failed IUIs and now the next steps will most likely be IVF. I’m okay with that except for a few things and the main one is the cost. I have most of the cost of the actual procedure, however the fertility medications can range from $3-$8k.

I’ve applied for a discount program and I’m awaiting their decision on what my discount will be – please pray it’s a good discount. 🙂

I know I don’t have that many people following me and even if I had a bunch of strangers interested in my story, why would you help me out? You could be faced with similar financial issues so why help me? Well I’m still posting it on here just in case someone has the means to help out. Remember…everything counts.


Any amount is never too small and everything is greatly appreciated. You’ll be taking part in making my greatest wish come true – becoming a mother!


Adopt Without Debt

adoptwithoutdebtI recently stumbled upon a blog or article or website that talked about various adoption stuff, but there was a link to a suggested book, Adopt Without Debt by Julie Gumm. This book is a collaborative effort from 30 adoptive families who shared their creative fundraising ideas.

After skimming the book, there appears to be some great ideas on how to set up a budget, the use of coupons for grocery shopping, and how to give yourself a cash allowance for spending on certain things. There is also a large chapter on creative fundraising ideas.

As I read through this book and implement some of the ideas, I will share them with you. Of course, I can’t do every single idea in the book so if you want to read about all the ideas, the link above will help you out with that. No kindle version though. 😦

With me having a new mortgage payment, putting more on my car to pay it off faster, acquiring into some possible part-time jobs to help supplement the adoption costs, and saving every penny I have, I would love to have the ability to adopt a child and not have to worry about a large debt when the adoption is all said and done.

If you decide to buy this book and try out some of the ideas, please share them with me. I would love to hear all about how it worked out or didn’t work out. All of it is good to hear and may help someone else modify the idea to work differently.

Visit my page on Ways to Help Me for some of the ideas I have started. There things from selling my things on Etsy (check out the 20% off coupon code right now!), buying coffee, or simply donating through PayPal or GoFundMe. I realize it’s near the holidays but a cash donation could be considered a holiday gift, or you might find something on Etsy for a friend or family member that would help with the adoption.

Supplemental Income

I’ve been trying to find ways to come up with the adoption money without going into major debt. I haven’t told everyone on Facebook yet and only my mom knows from the family. I’m hoping and praying that someone…and I mean someone uses one of my ways of donating, whether it is buying some of my Etsy items or just using Paypal or GoFundMe to place a donation.

The first chunk of money needed to begin the home study is hefty $5300. That includes the home study and three post-placement meetings, plus paperwork processing fees. But I don’t have that lying around either. Luckily I have a couple months or maybe even a few months to get that money.

So let’s talk about the first part-time job that I have. Over a year ago a friend of mine I met at my previous job, met with me to discuss becoming a business partner with him and his company. His company is only a few years old and thought it would be a great idea. I signed the paperwork and was immediately the one woman department for eLearning. My role is to develop online training based on the customers needs. In the last year, no contracts came in because of an employee in his company not doing her job in finding us contracts….so the GREAT news is, last week he told me that he got a contract for some onsite training as well as online training. Yay! Looking at the curriculum there could be about 28 online courses for me to develop. So I am really hoping to get this going to bring in some extra money. It will be nice to see the adoption bank account increase. 🙂

Now on to the second part-time job. A couple of weeks ago I attended DogFest and met two ladies who work with a wonderful and award winning dog walking company. My friend and I both got to talking to them and somehow in the conversation they brought up they are looking for part-time help. My eyes lit up so I inquired. I received the application, filled it out, and returned it. So last night I had my phone interview and it turned out to be a great conversation and she explained in details some of the more popular services. For example, overnights are really popular! That shocked me because I guess I can’t imagine a stranger staying in my guess room for a week while I am on vacation. But apparently people do it.  She explained the pay system and the fact that if I don’t feel comfortable with the client for whatever reason, I can turn down the job. So after we talked and everything sounded great, she told me to sleep on it and let her know in a day or two.

I’m wondering though, can I handle a full-time job and two part-time jobs? I worry about part-time job #1 going full force and not having time to do the dog walking, or vice-versa. But then again, if I don’t try, I might not know if I can do it or not and I wouldn’t be bringing in any extra money. I might decide to not do part-time job #2 and then end up waiting months before actually getting any work from part-time job #1.

I’m ready to sacrifice my time in order to get some extra money, but I also have to keep in mind I am a one person house and I don’t want to neglect my own dog and her needs. My mom is currently living with me and can at least let her out so she can do her business but my mom can’t do the dog training with her. We are currently in a Rally I class that requires a good chunk of time training. If I knew that part-time job one was going to come through, I probably wouldn’t consider the dog walking or at least not do the overnights and just do the dog walking service.

Too many decisions….oh sigh.

My Heart Says Ethiopia

I’ve finally selected the country – Ethiopia!

All weekend there were signs that pointed me in the direction of Ethiopia. It’s almost like the country is calling me there. It’s hard to explain and sounds a bit silly but that is the best way I can describe it. TV that I watched said Ethiopia, my dreams took place in Ethiopia, my mind was always on Ethiopia. So I felt that it was the path I am to take. I also spoke to my social worker and she also compared my options and told me her opinion was for me to go to Ethiopia. Everything I feel has been confirmed that I am on the right path. Now I must have faith in the rest, that God will provide me with what I need to bring my child home one day.

So now comes the fun part…riiiiight. Paperwork and lots of it. I looked at the application and I have some medical paperwork I need to find in order to complete the application. Since my mom is currently living with me, I found out that she will also need to be fingerprinted for the US as well as for USCIS (immigration), get a physical (although not as extensive as mine), driver’s license clearance, child protective clearance for our current state as well as from the state she moved from. I feel terrible having her go through this portion of the process just for it to be removed from the paperwork once she decides to move into her own apartment. But what will happen, will happen.

I have a yard sale ready for Saturday (pray it doesn’t rain) that will help me raise money for the application, which is $400. I’ve even asked for donations from a couple of friends to help out and they are both checking to see what they have  to donate. I am taking another bloggers idea to put a sign in the yard stating that this is for adoption and if they want to donate more, they are welcome to.

I am very blessed to have my friends in my life to have someone to talk to about everything and for them to be my support. I am also blessed that my mom is local during this process and after. She will be a grandma one day and it means the world to me that she will be in his/her life.