July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July everyone! I’m a day late I know but just didn’t get around to saying it until now.

My mom and I went over to a cookout of someone who knows Dennis. I think it was Jennifer and Steve’s house. Nice house too! The backyard was awesome. The kids were playing in a blow-up pool that has a ladder and slide. Wish I had that when I was a kid. Was introduced to everyone and of course it was awkward for me only because I didn’t know anyone. But it was all good. Everyone was nice and very welcoming.

We went inside to get food and then found a seat back outside. Shortly after we all ate, everyone packed up to head to the Catonsville parade. I would have gone if mom did but she couldn’t do the walking (recent knee replacement) so I stayed with my mom and Dennis. We hung out enjoying the perfect weather. I mean it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I was about to head out because I was getting bored, when the rest of the gang returned from the parade. So I stayed. We drank and laughed. It ended up being a really nice time. We were there from about 1pm to 6pm. Not bad.

We headed home and chilled out in front of the TV for a little bit. Then around 9pm, my neighbor texted saying they were setting up for fireworks. Every year they get about 10-15 small fireworks to set off in their driveway. There is a ball field across the street and there is another house that sets off the more illegal ones. So we sit and enjoy everyone’s fireworks for about an hour.

Mom and I head inside – exhausted – and went to bed. The dogs were given some meds to help keep them calm during the fireworks. Kona, my youngest, got on the bed and passed out. I moved her a few times and she didn’t seem to care. So getting to sleep wasn’t bad at all.

Overall we had a great fourth of July.

Today, I did things around the house – laundry, cleaning, scanned about 250 more photos and watched some House of Cards.