IVF #3 – Day after retrieval status call

I got the first status call this morning around 9:45 and the nurse asked me how I was doing since my retrieval. I told her I had pretty good cramps yesterday but today seems much better. She goes on to tell me that I’ll be bloated for a few days and if the cramps continue, to take the pain pills that were prescribed. I said I would.

She then gave me an update on my eggs/embryos. Out of the 9 that were retrieved, 8 were mature, and of those 8, 6 were fertilized. Of course I wished for more but I also need to be happy for what I do have.

Last time they only retrieved 4 and all were fertilized but one slowed down. So I ended up with 3 that were dividing properly. Tomorrow’s status call will give me more of an indication on how well they are dividing. Stay tuned!

They Fertilized!

Ever since the retrieval, my mind was constantly thinking about what the eggs were doing. Were they fertilized already? How many fertilized? It’s pure torture to think of these types of questions but you can’t help what your brain thinks.

I get to work this morning. I can’t recall if the last time they called in the morning or afternoon. Usually they called in the afternoon for blood work results but I thought they called earlier to give egg status updates. I watch the clock all morning.

Around 11am I email my nurse to ask her if the status calls are usually in the morning or afternoon. No response. So I decided to run to the ladies room (since I’ve been holding it all morning waiting for this call). When I returned, I saw that I missed her call. Damn!

She calls me back and says she has some good news – ALL FOUR FERTILIZED!

Wow, the whole morning I was thinking that maybe non fertilized and that’s why they hadn’t called. All four! Next big step is tomorrow’s call to see which ones continued to divide. Maybe two? They are hoping to tell me if I have a day-3 or a day-5 transfer, so either Saturday or Monday. Let’s hope this time I actually get to that stage since last time they stopped dividing.