IVF #3 – Injection day 4, 13 follicles

This morning I had my day 4 appointment – blood work and ultrasound. I had a different technician today but she was still very nice. She found 13 follicles. It increased from 10 during my pre-IVF evaluation, so I’m super excited. This is the most I’ve had. I just hope the numbers stay up during stims.

Bit of history:

  • IVF #1 – Day 4, 5 follicles, estrogen 44.9
  • IVF #2 – Day 4, 8 follicles, estrogen 74.1
  • IVF #3 – Day 4, 13 follicles, estrogen 141


  • bloated/full feeling
  • some bruising at injection sites
  • headache (hoping from meds and not stress)

Follow-Up with my Doctor

So this is the first big day…I get to hear the results of all my tests and find out what the game plan is going to be.

She tells me that my tests are very typical of a 38 year old. Some blood work numbers were within reason and some were borderline. She also said that I have a low egg reserve which means that I could possibly go into early menopause. But there are no studies to indicate this, it’s just her prediction.

The game plan is to try Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

She gave me a visual of three different methods of approach:

  1. Casual – This would include fertility pills + trigger shot
  2. Moderate – This would include fertility pills + fertility injection + trigger shot
  3. Aggressive – In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

She recommended the Moderate method but if I wasn’t comfortable with that, we can do the Casual method. I said let’s go for the Moderate!

What does that mean? Well, I will take fertility pills for five days, which will help produce eggs, then I will give myself a fertility injection, which will also help produce eggs. The trigger shot is done to precisely predict when I will ovulate. Then the insemination!

So the meds have been ordered and should arrive June 25th, 2013. Some have to be refrigerated and the others can remain at room temperature.

My next action item is to call the office when I am on cycle day (CD) 1. This will begin the process.