Fitbit – See just how active you are!

fitbit_forceFor Christmas I bought my mom (and myself) a Fitbit Force. This device is worn like a bracelet and tracks how many steps you walk, floors you climb, calories burned, and active minutes each day. It also displays the time so it can replace your watch. It’s comfortable to wear and you pretty much wear it all the time. I take it off when I get in the shower as it’s not waterproof.

One of the coolest features is the Track Sleep. When you are ready to go to sleep, press and hold the button on the side of the band to activate the timer. Then when you wake up, do the same thing to turn it off. At first I thought this was just tedious, however it really isn’t. And don’t worry, if you forget to start or stop it, you can manually adjust the times. Pressing the button is mainly to places markers at the beginning and end of your sleep. One night I forgot to start the timer. I opened the phone app and added the time I went to sleep and when I woke up. It then showed me when I woke up, when I was restless and how many times. It’s pretty cool!

About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed a red circle area on my skin that was irritated. I know my puppy scratched me so at first I thought it was from her. It kept getting worse. I would apply Neosporin and itch cream to it every day and cover it with a band-aid. Then I could put the Fitbit over it. It wasn’t getting any better.

The second bad thing about this, is wearing band-aids for extended periods of time, also gives me a rash. I’m either allergic to the adhesive stuff or the band-aid itself. Either way I was a mess.

I began to think that maybe I was allergic to something in the band. It was weird that it wasn’t everywhere the band touched my skin, only in this one spot. So to do a test, I switched it to my right wrist. After about 10 days, I noticed the same type of rash developing in the same identical place. I took it off.

I was bummed because I really like the Fitbit and thought I was out the money since it’s probably past the time I can return it. I went online to check out their forums for some advice or help. At some point it asked me to login, which I did, and at the top of the page was a statement that read:


I clicked on the HERE link and found out I’m not the only one with this issue. They have you fill out a form and gave you the option for a refund or a partial refund + another Fitbit item. Since I love the Fitbit so much, I didn’t want a refund, so I went with the partial refund + I requested the Flex in pink.

Apparently they don’t have any skin irritants in the Flex – let’s hope!

What great customer service too. I filled out the form on a Friday. Received an auto-email saying they’d respond within 48 hours. They responded in less than two hours. And by the end of Friday, I received an email stating it was shipped. Awesome!

On my mind

Thought BubbleIt’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog. I don’t really have anything exciting to talk about so I thought I just share the various things on my mind.

  • First spring project – seeding my backyard so it doesn’t become a swamp every time it rains. I also want to add a paver walkway from my back gate to my shed. The last thing is to either fix my chainlink fence or replace it.
  • When will HR get back to me about approval from my insurance for IVF. I hate waiting.
  • Cleaning out my spare room (hopefully one day the baby’s room).
  • My next craft show on March 15th.
  • Setting my next hair appointment.
  • The want and need to buy a new sofa. I’ve picked out two but need to go see them in person and measure. Want to get something more dog friendly and larger to be able to seat more than two people.
  • Finishing the window project in my house. I cut molding to frame my windows but haven’t finished caulking and painting. Was hoping to make that my winter project but of course it hasn’t happened so far.
  • Finalizing my tax returns. Almost done just have to review once more and click the Submit button.
  • New season of Bates Motel.

So as you can see, I have stuff going on or at least in thought of going on. None of which is exciting to talk about (yet).

She was listening

bellA couple of blogs ago, I posted about training my new pup to ring a bell when she wanted to go outside. I simply gave up on the training and forgot about the bell hanging by the door.

In the last month, we’ve had a lot of periodical snow storms, leaving us with a few inches of snow each time. As that snow melts, it makes my backyard into a mushy, swampy, muddy play area. I don’t let the pups out when the yard is like that for obvious reasons – I don’t like mud tracked inside my house!

Kona has graduated to young adult and has learned to entertain herself inside. She now doesn’t rely on expending energy ONLY outdoors. Thank God!

No joke! The other day I’m sitting on the couch watching TV and I hear the bell ringing. My head jerks to the left and there she is standing by the bell, looking right at me. She comes trotting over as I excitedly say “do you want to go outside?” and she jumps for joy and turns in circles. We head over and I let them both out.

After all these months I’ve discovered that she was actually paying attention during her lessons, but since we were going out every couple of hours anyway, she never had the need to ring the bell, until now.

Now she doesn’t stop.

Now I must figure out how to teach her to only ring the bell when she NEEDS to go out, not every single time her little heart wants to go out. I try to ignore her but hate to send any wrong signals when she has done so well with ringing the bell. I wonder if she’ll figure this out.

Proud furmomma. 🙂