So far behind…

My last blog talked about my stim day 4 and stim day 6 monitoring appointments. A lot has happened. So I’ll do a quick fill in to catch you up to today.

1/6/15 – Stim day 8 – measured 8 follicles, estrogen 584
1/8/15 – Stim day 10 – still measured 8 follicles, estrogen 1166, this night I had acupuncture
1/9/15 – Stim day 11 – measured 12 follicles, estrogen 1474
1/10/15 – Stim day 12 – still measured 12, estrogen 1671
1/11/15 – Stim day 13 – measured 7 (had a tech in training), estrogen 1980
1/12/15 – Stim day 14 – back to measuring 12 (whew!), estrogen 2197, TRIGGER TIME!
1/13/15 – had acupuncture the night before retrieval
1/14/15 – egg retrieval, retrieved 17 eggs
1/15/15 – status call – out of the 17, 14 were mature, 8 fertilized
1/16/15 – 3 4cell, 1 3cell, 4 2cell
1/17/15 – 1 8cell, 2 7cell, 2 6cell, 2 5cell, 1 3cell
1/19/15 – Day 5 transfer, transfered the best three
Today – 2dp5dt, and the 2ww begins
Beta will be 2/2/15

So that should have everyone up to speed in case anyone out there was wondering what happened….not!

Oh, and I was being very optimistic that I might have at least two to freeze, but on day 6 I got the call that none made it to freeze. So this is it, my last attempt. I pray it works. I’m scared.

IVF #3 – Retrieval day, 9 of 13 collected

This morning was retrieval day. My appointment was at 9:30am so I was there an hour an a half before. They got me checked it, vitals done, dressed in gown and comfy on the stretcher.

Eventually my mom came back. When I was called back, my mom was in the ladies room. When she did finally reach my curtained off room, she told me what just happened to her. On her way from the ladies room, she decided to go upstairs and go the food bar and get some food. She didn’t want to eat breakfast in front of me since I could eat or drink anything. So nice. The food bar was closed and she headed back down to the first floor. As she walked out of the elevator, he shoe caught on these plywood-type of boards that were on the carpet areas for movers to keep the carpet protected. The board came up a bit and mom landed on both knees, then slid sprawled out, face down. My mom was terrified, embarrassed and shaking like a tree. She just had her knee replaced back in April and it’s still healing. Two guys saw what happened and ran to help her. So did the security guard and two of the nurses. She finally got up and headed back to see me. As the day went on, she is stiff and sore. The security guard gave her some numbers to call if it ends up being bad. Those boards were supposed to be taped down the the movers said they didn’t think this would happen since not many people were in the building. Poor mom.

When mom arrived next to me and told me this story, she was laughing, which made me laugh. She painted a lovely vision of a beached whale – her words. So it was fun to laugh and not think too much about what was about to happen.

I love being put under anesthesia so that’s never a problem. It’s just the whole process is a bit nerve-racking. I must have emptied my bladder 14 times but finally it was my turn. We head to the OR and it’s as cold as a meat locker. Everyone is very nice and make you feel very comfortable.

The anesthesiologist gave me a tad of juice to relax me and I absolutely love that stuff. I would love to bottle it up and take a sip right before bed every night. Next thing I know I’m waking up in my curtained off room. Mom comes back and sits next to me.

The doctor came in and said he retrieved 9 eggs. Of course you always hope for more but I’m super excited with this number. Last IVF only 4 were retrieved so this is more than double. I’m happy and pleased.

The nurse brought me some crackers and water and I inhaled it all. I was so hungry. When I was ready, they had me walk to the other side of the room to make sure I’m okay to leave. I was. I never have any problems waking up.

The lady that went before me does. She was still there waking up when I left. They retrieved 41 eggs from her. Holy crap! I can’t even imagine the discomfort she was in when it was uncomfortable for me and I had 13. According to her records she always has a hard time waking up so they were prepared and took great care of her.

My mom drove me home and I had some lunch – real food and then took naps on and off all day long. The cramps got pretty bad but nothing I couldn’t handle. Just made me lazy and not wanting to move a lot. My mom was kind enough to drop my prescription off that they give you in our Goodie Bag, and it was for Hydrocodone, which I’ve never taken before. I thought the cramps would go away but they didn’t so I was happy she filled it and brought them home after she got off of work. I took one tonight hoping it will help me sleep more comfortably and maybe they won’t be as bad tomorrow. The last two IVFs I had very mild cramping and it didn’t last all day.

Tomorrow between 12-3pm is when I should expect the big call. During this call they will tell me how many fertilized, if any are dividing, and if how many cells they are.

Medications: I started taking the Estrace (sp?) tonight and beginning tomorrow I start taking progesterone suppositories 3 times a day. I hate this part but I’ll do what I have to do.

It’s estimated that Transfer Day could be Thursday, which would make it a day 5 transfer. This date could change depending on the daily progress. I can’t wait! I hope tomorrow and this week turn out well.


They Fertilized!

Ever since the retrieval, my mind was constantly thinking about what the eggs were doing. Were they fertilized already? How many fertilized? It’s pure torture to think of these types of questions but you can’t help what your brain thinks.

I get to work this morning. I can’t recall if the last time they called in the morning or afternoon. Usually they called in the afternoon for blood work results but I thought they called earlier to give egg status updates. I watch the clock all morning.

Around 11am I email my nurse to ask her if the status calls are usually in the morning or afternoon. No response. So I decided to run to the ladies room (since I’ve been holding it all morning waiting for this call). When I returned, I saw that I missed her call. Damn!

She calls me back and says she has some good news – ALL FOUR FERTILIZED!

Wow, the whole morning I was thinking that maybe non fertilized and that’s why they hadn’t called. All four! Next big step is tomorrow’s call to see which ones continued to divide. Maybe two? They are hoping to tell me if I have a day-3 or a day-5 transfer, so either Saturday or Monday. Let’s hope this time I actually get to that stage since last time they stopped dividing.

The Eve of Retrieval Day

Let me start off by saying that I seem to be more nervous this time. Why? When I compare this cycle with the previous one, it’s so much better that I think it’s starting to freak me out. Don’t get me wrong, I want this, but it doesn’t mean I’m not terrified. I am. I’m also super excited.

Last night I triggered using HCG injection. My scheduled time was at 12:30am (today). I thought to myself – that’s okay, I’ll set my alarm and sleep for a few hours. Not. I was so nervous about this injections…AGAIN! I think I was more worked up this time than last and last time I realized that the injection isn’t that bad. Ice it and dart the needle in. No big deal. I tried to get to sleep last night but the entire time my heart is beating so hard that I felt like I was moving. I kept googling this injection on my phone – watching YouTube videos, reading about why I have to use the longer needle and not the shorter one, reading about how if you don’t inject it far enough in that it won’t work, reading about side effects, reading, reading….

My alarm goes off and I jump out of bed, went to the bathroom and mixed 2cc of the water with the entire vial of powder (10,000 iu). I’m shaking. That long needle is staring at me and making fun at the fact that I’m terrified of it. I gathered everything I needed and headed for the kitchen where I was hoping to find an ice pack. Searched and searched the freezer and nothing. So I grabbed a zip lock bag, and put ice cubes in it. Went downstairs to my mom’s room to wake her up so she could administer the injection. I iced the spot and my mom darted in the injection. That wasn’t bad….again. It did bleed and I asked her if she pulled back the plunger if any blood came out and she said no, so I hope it went well. I didn’t watch or even sneak a peek so no clue.

I headed to bed and tossed and turned for a bit but eventually got to sleep.

Tomorrow is the retrieval. I’m so excited because the doctor said they should be able to retrieve up to six eggs. I have seven total! Last IVF they only retrieved two. So I feel that the odds are much better this time, that one of them should fertilize and divide properly. NOTE: Last IVF, one of the two fertilized and that one divided only once. It stopped dividing so I never got to transfer it back in me. 😦

Keep your fingers crossed that retrieval goes well. Then it’s off to the next milestone – fertilization!

Playing Catch Up on IVF #1

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. In fact, so much has happened that this will basically be a summary.

  • Was on the injections for longer than they thought
  • Trigger shot wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be
  • Helps to put ice on the area before injecting the trigger shot
  • Two eggs were retrieved
  • Only one fertilized (by ICSI)
  • That lone embryo divided to two cells
  • Had a decision to make – either transfer back in and hope it divides or wait two more days
  • I waited two more days – no further division
  • IVF canceled

I’m bummed but not super upset. The doctor said she thinks it will take at least two attempts. So in the back of my mind I was somewhat prepared for this. Doesn’t take away any of the disappointment or frustration of having to do this all over again, but ya know, there are many others out there who have been doing this much longer so if they can do it, so can I.

The decision was hard to make, whether to transfer that embryo back in and hope it does better there, but I kept having this nagging voice remind me that insurance only will pay for three transfers. So as long as I don’t transfer, I still have those left. So as of right now, I still have three chances. It sucks that I have to think of things this way but if the cells never divided past 2-cells, there was no sense in using one of my chances. If during those five days of petri dish days, if it divided to at least a 4-cell, then I would have transferred it back.

Now I wait to hear from my nurse to let me know next steps.