Same protocol

As the last IVF. My doctor called today to go over any questions I have and to discuss next steps. Of course I have questions but like I told her, I don’t think there’s a way to know for sure. But she said to ask anyway, so I did. I basically wanted to know if when the three embryos were transferred back inside, did they stop growing, did they just not hatch anymore, or did they hatch by my uterus just rejected them. Like I suspected, she can guess what happened but without installing a video camera on lining of my uterus, we’ll never know for sure. She said that she suspects that my embryos weren’t a good quality and just stopped growing.

We discussed next steps which include the same protocol as the last IVF. Out of the two, the last one produced the best results so far. I agree. I didn’t grow 10+ eggs but compared to IVF#1, this one grew more and they were able to retrieve more. I can’t remember how we starting talking about the transfer dates, whether it would be a 3-day or 5-day transfer. She did say that typically they do 3-day transfers. So I asked if it would be better to wait and do a 5-day transfer to see if they ever get to the blastocyst stage. If they get to that stage, there is a greater chance of them implanting.

She originally was against it. I explained that my insurance pays for three transfers. I get two more. So why not hold on to them and see if they continue to grow to day 5. She understood my point in this and put a note on my chart. When we retrieve the eggs and fertilized them, we’ll see how well they divide and decide at that time if it will be a day-3 or a day-5. I felt good that she was willing to understand my side of things and will work with me.

Tonight I’ve also done some more research on DHEA. Right now I’ve been taking 1 25mg pill a day. The recommended dose is 75mg. So starting tomorrow I will take 75mg. I’ve read success with this dosage with patients that have diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), which is what I have, so we’ll see! I just hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass. My doctor doesn’t believe in taking DHEA, yet in their office, they have a brochure discussing DHEA can help egg quality in DOR patients. I don’t typically go against doctors and I do trust this place, it’s one of the best places, but I don’t think it would hurt to try it for a cycle.

What would you do? Would you take it regardless of what your doctor says?