My youngest dog

Is now 16 months old and from the first day I adopted her, she’s been crated when there is no one home. As a puppy she did the usual puppy things, like chew things that weren’t hers, but she only chews her bones and toys now.

When she was under a year old, I was in my room doing my hair one morning and she was out in the living room with my slightly older dog Sadie. I put my hair up in a messy bun and thought I better go check on her. Now, literally she was out there for maybe three minutes. I walk out to the living room to find the floor filled with white fluffy stuff. Then I realized what she had done. She ripped a hole the size of her mouth in my sofa cushion, the one you lean on, and pulled just about every bit of stuffing out.

Up until a about two months ago, she had shredded the rug inside the front door….twice. She hasn’t done it since.

My hesitation on leaving her out the crate while at work is about a month and a half ago, I bought new living room sofas – a loveseat and a sleeper sofa. It wouldn’t take her long to rip into that one too.

How will I know when it’s okay to trust her?

I was told to start out small but again, it wouldn’t take her long to rip something. So how can I do this?

Yesterday I had to go and fill up the gas can for the lawn mower. I thought that will only take 15 minutes or so. I have a netcam setup in the living room and had it on while I left the house, with her not in her crate. She sat on the sofa with Sadie and watched me pull out of the driveway. I saw both of them start to bark and were looking out the window at something. Maybe someone was walking by. Once they passed, she settled down and laid down on the sofa. I kept watching, very stressed out. But she did fine. Of course that was only 15 minutes.

The thought of leaving her uncrated for an hour or more terrifies me.

Any suggestions?