New forever home for Sadie

305079_4068888913883_1217534971_nSadie was the first dog I ever had. She was easy. She didn’t require a ton of attention and was happy anywhere she was. I wanted her to have someone to play with so I adopted a puppy, Kona. This was about two years ago. It’s so much fun watching them play and run around the backyard. The spring of 2014, things changed forever.

I had three trees removed from my backyard. I worked from home that day and witnessed the loud, horrible wood chipper. We were in a room next to the driveway where the wood chipper was being used. The dogs shook and were anxious but I never in a million years thought over a year later, Sadie would still be anxious.

Over the last year I’ve tried many things. Positive reinforcements, more attention, more play time. Some days were great. Some weeks were great. But others were not. She was showing behaviors when there were no sounds or noises. Since the wood chipper, she developed a fear of thunderstorms. In the last couple of months, after everyone has left the house, she would show minor destructive behavior. She never did that before. Everyday I’d come home to “something” wrong in the house.

It got to the point where I just wasn’t happy and realized she wasn’t happy. A couple incidents where she was playing outside for a while, and I brought her back inside, she would start panting, shaking, and whining. I kept watching her and she did this a few times. It made me wonder if she was afraid of the room we all were in during the wood chipper day. One day I made the decision in my mind that she might need to be rehomed.

I love my dear Sadie. She’s the sweetest dog. But if she isn’t happy in my home, I don’t see how I can change that. Ultimately I want her happy, even if it’s not with me. I thought, “oh no, what about Kona?” But I can’t keep Sadie just for Kona. I want Sadie to have a good life.

I contacted the rescue where I adopted her from and talking to someone there. She gave me some tips I could try but I told her most of them I’ve tried. Plus I’m due to have my first baby in October and I’m honestly not sure how I will manage consistent training with Sadie while taking care of a baby by myself. She understood. One of my mom’s friends heard my mom talking about this and offered to take her for a few weeks as a test. I mentioned this idea to the rescue and they thought it was a great idea. If she shows no behaviors like before then we’ll know it’s something with my house. If she does, then we’ll know it’s general behavioral problems.

I took Sadie to the temporary home on Memorial Day. She has been there since. The temporary owner says she is an angel and hasn’t whined, shook, or panted since she’s been there, and there have even been some thunderstorms. He asked the other day if he could keep or a bit longer. I agreed to that.

My mom’s friend had two dogs, not long ago. They both passed away about six months apart, so he has been sad and lonely without a dog. He’s been thinking about getting another dog but just wasn’t sure. This was a test run for him too.

Friday my mom said that he said he would like to keep her forever, if I decide to rehome her. I thought about it this weekend and decided it’s the best thing. The good thing is I’ll know she is in good hands and that I can see her whenever.

It makes me sad though. She was my first dog. Now Kona’s alone. I know she misses her and so do I. I just have to keep remembering that not only is Sadie happy, but so is her new owner.