Update: Project Shed

lifetime_shedI recently blogged about starting my shed project this weekend and how I had two friends who were able to help me. Well one of my friends has an emergency that requires his attention so he is unable to help out. I did confirm another friend’s availability but quite honestly….the stress of this whole thing is just too much.

And I mean stress. The knots that are in my shoulders and neck make it difficult to turn my head. It’s not worth it.

So I’m back to my original plan on waiting until the Spring. The plan was to buy the shed sometime in January or February and then only have a month or two to wait. When I saw the shed go on sale for Black Friday, I jumped at quickly bought it, so excited that I had it early. The excitement took over and made me want it up and ready BEFORE winter arrives. So I frantically started planning for it which only resulted in the disaster of last weekend (you can read about that HERE). So then I began the stressful planning again for making it happen this weekend. Right. What was I thinking?

So my new and final plan is to wait until Spring, where days will be longer and I can work on it a little each day. Preparing the ground is very important as I want the shed and area it sits on to last for many years. I also have a few other plans for outside once the shed is in place. I’d like to lay down a stone (or whatever) pathway from my back gate to my deck stairs, deck stairs to the shed, and deck stairs to the back door. My thought it by leveling the ground for the shed, it will not only prepare me for working with dirt, rocks, and tree roots, but it will also provide me with the necessary tools for Project Pathways. Of course I’ll still need someone to help me put the shed together but that’s because I can’t hold pieces together and screw them in by myself.

So that’s the plan. I hope the stress knots will leave my shoulders and neck in the next couple of days.

DIY: Trick to Feeding Pets Separately

Anyone who has two different kinds of pets knows that trying to keep their food separate is a nightmare. I have a cat and a dog. Dogs love to clean out the cats food bowl.

Sebastian [14 years old]

Sebastian [14 years old]

I feed my cat dry food in the morning, when I get home I feed him a half a little can of wet food, and then at bedtime I put some more dry food in his bowl.

His dry food bowl is in my bedroom on the side near the wall, so there is only about two feet of space on that side. I place the bowl there so I can pile my laundry hamper and my vanity chair in that space so the dog won’t go and finish off his food. That worked about 1 out of 10 days.

Most people might not think it’s that big of a deal and normally I wouldn’t either, however my cat is sick. He has hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. So he keeps losing weight. The last thing I need is for him to keep losing weight because the dog beats him to it.

When I get home from work I feed the cat some canned food. This is very helpful for adding the holistic thyroid and kidney disease drops to it. I tried on the dry food. Didn’t work. For this I wait until he is done eating and then I release the dog from her command to clean his bowl out.

My mom was out with my neighbor one night and I guess they got to talking about the animal things and somehow this came up. My neighbor had the best idea. Put a chain lock on the door of the room you want to keep the dog out but let the cat in.



Can you guess the mistake I made?

DIY Jewelry Frame

I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea, in fact I saw it on Pinterest and thought “oh how cool, I want to make one”. So I went to Goodwill to buy the frame and stopped by Home Depot to buy the radiator sheet.

a bit blurry but you get the idea

a better a closer shot

Materials needed:

  • Frame
  • Radiator cover sheet
  • Super glue

Bang down or if you can, remove the tabs that hold the frame backing on. If you don’t remove them, lift them up so you can put the radiator sheet in easier.

Measure and cut the radiator sheet so that it fit inside the frame. I put something heavy on top of the radiator cover once I glued it so it would stay put.

Once dry, find the perfect spot on your wall and hammer in some nails. It’s that easy. It’s so nice to see my earrings hanging up instead of rummaging through my jewelry armoire to find them. Plus, I forgot I even had some of these!

If you have any questions, let me know!