Getting Down to Business


So here we are on Jan 3rd, three days into the new year and I’m ready to go full throttle with getting things done. Yep, that’s right, you heard it here!

My first order of business is to go through my paperwork and search…and hopefully find, my marriage certificate and Rob’s death certificate. I know I have them somewhere, but where is the big question. I need both these items in order to attend the meeting with my case worker OR when I go for 3-4 hours of training. Need them this month. Not sure which one but I must be prepared for either of them.

So this week, I’m using my time to go through my stacks of paperwork and my file cabinet in hopes of finding them. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “just order them”, which is of course an option, however I priced it and it will be roughly $80 dollars. Again, not going to break the bank, but I’m looking to keep all cost down as much as I have control over.

The upside to this project (which I stated in a much earlier blog) is that I am also scanning in my paperwork and finally…yes finally, getting rid of all the space that my paperwork takes up. I have started this in 2012 so I can say that Project Scan has begun.

I’ve made a virtual file cabinet in my documents library called File Cabinet, so when there is a time that I need to find something, knowing it “would” have been in the file cabinet it should make it a little easier to locate where I put it on my computer.

My second order of business is to organize my Pappy’s coin collection. I know nothing about coins and he has tons of them so I’m going to start to sort them, inventory them and take pictures of each coin. I want to make sure there is a record of what we have before I take them ANYWHERE to be appraised. No trust there, can’t you tell? This project will be a bit different since I know nothing about coin collecting and what to look for.

My third and final, and immediate, order of business is to do a website for a family member. She has a miniatures business and wants to start selling them online. So I have been researching the best ways (Etsy, create a custom website, or and I’m leaning towards There are many plugins that can help setup eCommerce.

Has anyone used for eCommerce? If so, likes/dislikes?

Here I come!


The Upside to Paperwork

I received my first batch of paperwork last week, however I am just now getting to it now, or I should say that I am REALLY reading through it now….I skimmed it before. They list some items that are needed (birth certificate, marriage certificate, and Rob’s death certificate). I know I have them somewhere….but the question is – where?

So…to be completely honest, I have never been good about filing paperwork and keeping it all organized. It drives me nuts, so I keep building up these piles until I move the pile into a box or file cabinet. The last year or so I’ve been wanting to scan all paperwork in so I have it electronically. And since I have to find tons of paperwork, I suppose there is no better time than right now to get Project Scan started.

The simple way would be to just order those three items again (which I checked and it would be roughly $90 bucks). Not bad in a normal life’s budget, however with adoption costs always bouncing around in my head, I can’t justify paying for them – if I already have them. So the hunt begins….

So the upside to this adoption process (aside from the end result of having a wonderful and loving child, of course) is that I will be able to finally get my life, my paperwork, and my space organized.