Choosing a Country

You would think that selecting a country would be one of the easiest part of this process and maybe it will end up being that way, however as a single woman, my choices are very limited in the countries that allow single applicants. I have been researching countries since at least Feb 2012 and had China as my number one pick, with Ethiopia a close second, and Hungary as a third contender. After I attended an information session, Russia has been added to the mix, however they clearly stated that the program is unstable and requires 2-4 trips so it makes it one of the most costly programs available. China has also closed adoption for single women except for special needs children. And now Ethiopia has tighten its process up which could add on years to the whole process.

I am very frustrated today because I don’t know which path to take. I know there is no rush but I would need to know which country before the home study is complete, so I’d rather not begin the process until I have reached a decision. Does anyone have a crystal ball? Is there anyone out there who started the adoption process with Ethiopia this year, 2012, who can shed a bit of their information with me? Right now my heart strings are pulling for Ethiopia and Russia and I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I need to sleep on it a bit longer and see if a decision comes to me.

Do others have this same difficulty in choosing a country or am I making this harder than it needs to be? I don’t mind waiting – so should I just go with Ethiopia and let whatever happens, happen? Perhaps by the weekend I’ll have a clearer picture of the path I should take my journey on.