Adopt Without Debt

adoptwithoutdebtI recently stumbled upon a blog or article or website that talked about various adoption stuff, but there was a link to a suggested book, Adopt Without Debt by Julie Gumm. This book is a collaborative effort from 30 adoptive families who shared their creative fundraising ideas.

After skimming the book, there appears to be some great ideas on how to set up a budget, the use of coupons for grocery shopping, and how to give yourself a cash allowance for spending on certain things. There is also a large chapter on creative fundraising ideas.

As I read through this book and implement some of the ideas, I will share them with you. Of course, I can’t do every single idea in the book so if you want to read about all the ideas, the link above will help you out with that. No kindle version though. 😦

With me having a new mortgage payment, putting more on my car to pay it off faster, acquiring into some possible part-time jobs to help supplement the adoption costs, and saving every penny I have, I would love to have the ability to adopt a child and not have to worry about a large debt when the adoption is all said and done.

If you decide to buy this book and try out some of the ideas, please share them with me. I would love to hear all about how it worked out or didn’t work out. All of it is good to hear and may help someone else modify the idea to work differently.

Visit my page on Ways to Help Me for some of the ideas I have started. There things from selling my things on Etsy (check out the 20% off coupon code right now!), buying coffee, or simply donating through PayPal or GoFundMe. I realize it’s near the holidays but a cash donation could be considered a holiday gift, or you might find something on Etsy for a friend or family member that would help with the adoption.

The Upside to Paperwork

I received my first batch of paperwork last week, however I am just now getting to it now, or I should say that I am REALLY reading through it now….I skimmed it before. They list some items that are needed (birth certificate, marriage certificate, and Rob’s death certificate). I know I have them somewhere….but the question is – where?

So…to be completely honest, I have never been good about filing paperwork and keeping it all organized. It drives me nuts, so I keep building up these piles until I move the pile into a box or file cabinet. The last year or so I’ve been wanting to scan all paperwork in so I have it electronically. And since I have to find tons of paperwork, I suppose there is no better time than right now to get Project Scan started.

The simple way would be to just order those three items again (which I checked and it would be roughly $90 bucks). Not bad in a normal life’s budget, however with adoption costs always bouncing around in my head, I can’t justify paying for them – if I already have them. So the hunt begins….

So the upside to this adoption process (aside from the end result of having a wonderful and loving child, of course) is that I will be able to finally get my life, my paperwork, and my space organized.