Bates Motel 1.04 “Trust Me”

BatesMotel104.b-300x157Wow, what a great episode this week. Let’s look back…

Last week the story ended with us seeing Norman leaving his house and breaking into Shelby’s house to search for the belt his mother told him he must get. This weeks story picks up in a similar fashion but from the perspective of his brother, Dylan. We see Norman walking down the road in what looks to be a trance. A motorcycle is driving from the opposite direction and stops and we get to see that it is Dylan. He watches Norman break into Shelby’s house. He pulls over and looks in the backyard and sees the window he went in. Dylan hears a car door and notices that Shelby is home. Shelby goes inside and he hears his dog barking. He slowly walks through the house, checking rooms, and follows the barking up stairs. He opens his bedroom door to find a very happy dog. The doorbell rings and he answers it to find Dylan. Dylan apologizes and says he ran out of gas and saw that police lived there. Dylan asked if he could help him and Shelby was getting annoyed. He could hear something banging around in his house and was trying to hurry along. Dylan said, can you at least tell me where the nearest gas station is. Shelby told him it was about 2 miles down the road. The door shuts. Dylan rushes to the side of the house and he sees Norman jumping out of the window and running. When Norman arrives home, hair all sweaty wet, Dylan is on the front porch. Norman said he was out for a run and Dylan said he saw him break into Shelby’s house. Norman storms in the house while Dylan shouts that he promises he won’t tell their mother.

Norman stops by Emma’s house hoping they can walk to school together. Her dad answers the doors and says that she is sick and won’t be in school for about a week. Norman asked if he could quickly see her but he denied that request. You can tell that Norman is scared about what he saw and wants to share it with the only person he feels he can trust. The father tells Norman that Emma really likes him and that she is fragile – to be a decent guy. Norman responds that he is decent.

I’m assuming it’s the next day and we see two cars pull up next to each other. Norma jumps out of her car and into Shelby’s car. He feels her leg, she gets all hot. They coordinate where they can go to get a little up close time and Norma says that Norman won’t be home for another hour. They arrive at her hotel and as they walk in, clothes are torn off of each other. Norma walks out of the room to find Dylan sitting right outside their hotel window – smoking – and Dylan makes some smart-ass comment to her. Out comes Shelby and Dylan’s face read “holy sh**”. Shelby gets into his truck wearing a bit of smug and ah-ha!

Norman is out walking and sees that Shelby has pulled someone over. He puts his hoodie up and keeps walking. Shelby calls out for Norman but he just ignores him. He goes around a corner and out comes Shelby, surprising him. Shelby asked Norman what he was doing out and he said that he picked up some movies for a friend of his who’s father died. He said he thought the movies would help take her mind off of things. Shelby then tells Norman that he really likes his mother and that he wants to take care of her and Norman so they should go fishing to get to know each other better. Norman is hesitant about this idea but Shelby wouldn’t take no for an answer.  When Shelby begins to walk away, he says something like, the next time you see me out and I say hello, don’t run away from me. Creepy! Norman is freaking out about this whole thing and rushes home and frantically tells his mother everything – the journal, him breaking into Shelby’s house per her request, and seeing a girl in his basement. Norma tells Norman that he does this all the time – makes things up, that this is all in his head. Norman storms out. Norma decides to stay the night over at Shelby’s house and she is wide awake thinking. She quietly goes downstairs to check out the basement and opens the door to the room that looked to be the same as the one Norman was in, and she turns on the light and sees a normal basement room. Out of the blue, Shelby appears and confronts her. She innocently states she couldn’t sleep and wanted to see the rest of the house. They head back up stairs.

Norma is sitting in the living room and Norman comes in asking where she was all night. Norman talks about the girl in his basement and she tries to comfort him by telling him it’s not true, but then he shows her his bruised ankle from where the girl grabbed trying to get him to take her with him. Norma says he’s wrong, that she checked out his basement and there wasn’t anyone down there – that is was a normal basement. Norman doesn’t want to go fishing with Shelby but Norma forces him to go. They are on top of this huge rock, casting their lines out and Shelby is talking about trust. How Norman needs to trust him and how Shelby needs to trust Norman. He asks if Norman trusts him and of course, Norman says yes. Shelby gets a phone call and has to cut their fishing trip short. Shelby is walking down a boat dock and climbs aboard a boat to find Romero and a hand (and watch) of Keith – the guy Norma killed in a fit of rage + self defense. Norman meets Bradley for some ice cream and Bradley says that there was a hand found in the water, which puts Norman into a state of panic. He runs home and tells his mom who calms him down. The doorbell rings and what a shocker – it’s Romero asking for her to come down to the station and answer some questions. He is persistent and keeps questioning her but Norma stands by her story and doesn’t waver. Romero tells her that carpet fibers were found in his watch that links back to her hotel. He tried to find out where she dumped the carpet he saw her pulling up and she said she couldn’t remember.

Next we see her and Norman driving to the dumpster hoping to find it there and the dumpster was empty. She calls to find out where the dumpster trash is taken and speeds over there just to find it locked up tight. In a major panic, she starts to climb the fence, yelling and screaming, not able to get over with the barbed wire at the top of the fence. Norman is yelling for her to get down. He tried yet again to get her to tell the truth, that is was self-defense, but she said she couldn’t say that since she went all postal on him out of rage for breaking into HER home and doing that to her. They head home.

Norman is sitting in his room, listening to his mother crying in her room (which is right next door). Norman is upset and not knowing what to do to help her, decides to take a walk. He walks over my the motel and Dylan is sitting outside. Dylan apologizes for leaving Norman alone with “the crazy woman.” Poor Norman, so upset and scared, unloads everything that has happened – about Keith raping their mother, Norman hitting him over the head, Norma stabbing him multiple times, keeping Keith’s belt and Shelby finding it, how Shelby is using that against Norma so that she will “do things” with him, and the woman he found in Shelby’s basement. Dylan appeared to be genuinely concerned and promised to help Norman. While talking, Norman receives a text from Bradley. Dylan inquires and ends up talking Norman into going over, tells him he needs to be a normal 17 year old for once. Norman heads over to see Bradley and after they warm up to each other, they end up having sex in her bed.

Norma wakes up and realizes that Norman isn’t home and goes looking for him. Dylan is walking up the stairs and is asked if he’s seen Norman. Dylan tells her that he went over to a girls house and that he hoped he was getting laid. Dylan also confesses that he knows everything that has happened and that it’s enough to take Norman away from her. She flips out and Dylan is forced to pin her against the wall so she will calm down. The doorbell rings and she runs down calling Norman’s name. Again, shocker, it’s Romero and his crew arresting Norma for the murder of Keith. Shelby is just standing there with a very mean look on his face. The end.

My Opinion

Obviously I loved it, I even said that in the very beginning of this blog. I loved that Dylan seemed to be concerned for Norman. I really hope that he ends up being a good guy in all of this and helping Norman out, by being the brother he never really had. I really enjoyed how the show opened up. It was the same scene as last week’s show ended but we got to see more of it from Dylan’s side. More and more with each episode we are really starting to see the creepy side of Norman. In the beginning, I wasn’t a fan of him or his acting, but now I think he is amazing. One thing I noticed is that when Norman showed his mom his ankle, we didn’t get to see it in that scene and Norma never confirmed that it was bruised. I love the fact that this show keeps you guessing and all the twists and turns the story and the characters take. I thought the whole Emma/father scene was a bit weird. I’m not exactly sure why yet. I really liked Shelby in the beginning and thought he was going to be an okay guy. Each episode he gets more and more creepy. Bradley is a weird girl. I hate to say it but I look at her and look at him and wonder why she likes him like she does. She doesn’t even know him yet can be so open with him. Even the sex scene between them looked to fantasy-like.


Your Thoughts?

Did Norman imagine the girl in Shelby’s basement?

Who else do you think is involved in kidnapping these girls?

Did someone tattle on Norma? Dylan? Shelby?

What do you think about Bradley? Real or imagined?

Will Dylan turn out to be a good guy?

Do you think Romero is in on the girl kidnapping thing?