It’s too hard…picking a name!

How_to_baby_name_game_2Who would think that picking a name would be this difficult? Not me. I guess during the whole IVF process I kept picturing me with a girl and there are so many nice girl names, but I’m having a terrible time with a boy name. I have three possible leaders right now. I’m not going to share the names only because they still could change, BUT I will share the first letters.

  1. Z
  2. W
  3. T

There they are! Revealing isn’t it? 🙂

I envy those who know exactly what they would name their girl or boy. I thought this would be easier but so far it hasn’t been and I’ll probably end up with a top three list and once I meet him, whichever name he looks like will end up being his name.

I tend to like unusual names. Nothing too out there like Apple or Sparrow but a name that you don’t hear every day. For example, I told my team at work that I won’t be picking Chris because I work with about six of them.

Maybe, just maybe this baby name will be a surprise for when he’s born, but I’d love to start calling him by a name. Soon maybe.