Weekend of Disappointments

14511588-illustration-depicting-a-green-roadsign-with-a-disappointment-concept-dark-sky-backgroundFor the past year I have been saving up money to buy a shed. I’ve been stalking it on Amazon and Home Depot waiting for the price to come down. I figured maybe during the winter the price would come down and I could get it, cover it up to protect it in my yard and begin this project in Spring.

Black Friday changed that plan a bit. I just happened to open a flyer for Home Depot and saw a category for Sheds. I thought “what the hell” so I opened it up and saw the shed I’ve been stalking for almost $400 off. I checked Amazon and they matched the price.

I prefer Amazon. I have Prime membership. It could be here in two days.

So I ordered it on Nov 30th. I received a call on Tuesday Dec 4th saying it would be in my state and asked when I’d like it to be delivered. I choose Friday afternoon and worked from home. I received a call from the driver saying he was running late and would probably arrive after 5pm. Fine. I then received another call, from a different driver, saying he would be there within 15 minutes. I was confused. But fine.

Driver #1 arrived with only one box. Really?

Driver #2 arrived with two boxes. Uh oh…

On the manufacture label it states 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc. So I was anticipating four boxes. Plus being the organized person I am, I download the manual in advance so I could make sure I have tools and materials needed. In the manual it has the parts listed and broken down by the box they are in. Crap!

I called Amazon and was lucky to get a really nice customer service person. I explained the situation and he then put me on hold so he could call the manufacturer to confirm the number of boxes that should be shipped for this shed. He confirmed it was indeed supposed to be four.

So now what do I do?

He said that the manufacturer would resend the ENTIRE order again. I tried reasoning with him to see if they could just send the missing box. They couldn’t. I’m thinking the company wants to make sure I have a complete set. That is nice of them. Amazon was also nice enough to refund me some of the money for the major inconvenience this caused. Thank you!

My mom works with a guy who does side handy work for people. She employed him to clean up the yard from my pruning project, transplant my peach tree and level the ground in preparation for the shed. I was even going to see how much he would charge to put the shed together. He promised my mom that he’d call her at 8:30am Saturday to let her know he was on his way. He said he had no other jobs that weekend so he could devote the entire weekend to helping me out.

Saturday arrives. No call from this guy all day long.

Sunday arrive. No call from him still. My mom texts him to let him know he’s off the job. He responded that he drank too much Friday night and ended up sleeping all day on Saturday. Sunday it was rainy out. Well hell.

Now I’m stressed. I called two people who do this sort of thing. One never called back and the other said they can’t this week but could help me out later next week. That won’t work.

Luckily, my friend said he’d help. He is available all weekend and he could borrow his dad’s truck to help get the materials needed. My other friend said she’d help as well. So now I’m feeling pretty good by having two people who I’m pretty sure I can depend on, help me out this weekend. I’m working on a third friend.

I just received a phone call to schedule this second delivery. I set it up for Friday (again). The lady said that each piece (I guess she meant box) is over 1000 lbs. I hope she’s wrong because the whole shed should be under 1000 lbs. I have a feeling Friday is going to be a surprise!

I can’t wait for this weekend to be over with and this stress can be gone from my shoulders.

I’ll post an update once Friday/Saturday arrive. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out this time.