Bates Motel 1.08 “A Boy and his Dog”

AE_Bates-Motel_Inside-the-Episode-Ep-108-A-Boy-and-His-Dog_108_136476_SF_FIX_HD_360x203-16x9Another great episode this week. The way Norma dealt with Jake (the creepy motel customer) was AWESOME! I loved it all. She is amazing how she can be hot one minute and cold the next. When she asked Dylan out for dinner and she started running back to the house to change clothes, I knew something was going to happen. I just didn’t know what. I thought Jake would be lurking around a corner or hiding in her bedroom – but surprise – it’s Shelby’s dead body…in her bed! For the episode to end made me want so much more.

Norma annoyed me once during this show and it was when she decided to follow Jake. I mean, come on – you pull out right behind him on a deserted road in the middle of the night, like he won’t know it’s you. Then to get to the boat docks and try to sneak up on him. Once he spotted her or at least something and she took off up that ramp, I knew he’d be there. He’s stealthy like that.

He kept demanding to return “it”, that she had “it” and he wanted “it” back. I’m assuming it’s that sketchbook that Norman found in one of the rooms. But if I recall correctly, Emma has that now. So poor Norma is actually telling the truth this time. She has no clue what he’s talking about. He also mentions that Summers was at the bottom and he’s at the top. Hmmm – does that mean he’s the big boss? I’m not convinced that the weed business and the sex slave business isn’t somehow tied together.

I’ll say it again – I love Emma. She has guts standing up to people and she did it again by standing up to those snobby girls in the bathroom. I liked that she explained to Norman what happened and why she did it but I’m not sure if that’s her real motive. She has to be messed up in some way but I’m not sure how yet.

Oh and I can’t forget Romero. How naive was Norma to prance into his office thinking they had this great relationship becauseĀ  of “what they’ve been through” was both sad and pathetic. Romero surely put her in her place with some pretty hostile threats. Again, I think Romero is somehow involved in the sex slave business, just not sure what role he plays yet.

One last thing, the taxidermy – ew, gross! He was petting the dog after it was skinned and stuffed. Great way to incorporate this into the show since from what I understand, he does the same thing later in life.

NOTE: I looked up Psycho and can you believe it – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, so it’s added to my Netflix streaming account and plan to catch up on that this week. I hope I have the correct one.

That’s it for now but it saddens me to know that we only have two more episodes of the one show that makes me watch it during air time as well as staying up past 10pm. Way to go Bates!