Writing-How-to-Write-an-AutobiographyIt has taken me awhile to put together my autobiography for my local adoption agency who will be handling the home study. I just emailed it to my case worker. I believe the next step is they will schedule either an interview with me or schedule a half day of training. I’m unclear at this point which is next and maybe it depends on the training schedule and the availability of my case worker.

I took the suggestions of friends and my blog followers on being completely honest in what I wrote about religion. My intent was never to lie, but I was worried about some of the topics. I’m not worried anymore because honesty and expressing how I feel about something or how I will raise this child still reflects a good home and a loving mother.

The social worker was right when she said by the end of writing this autobiography, people ended up enjoying the newly documented life story of themselves. I feel the same way now that it’s done.

My Life in Words

I’ve started writing my autobiography for the adoption agency. I didn’t get far though. If someone were to ask you to write about your life using a guideline of questions, your first thought might be…oh that will be easy. Well it’s not. Not for me.

Once I sit down in front of the laptop and try to write, it’s amazing how quickly a draw a blank. I look at these questions and can’t figure out what to write. For example, “Based on each place you’ve lived, describe what kind of neighborhood and types of friendships you had in that location or in your school that were rewarding or disappointing” Really??? I don’t remember where I lived five years ago and they want me to remember where I lived when I was five years old and what the neighborhood was like and the kinds of friendships I had?

Should I just summarize the fact that I don’t recall names of friends or what my neighborhood was like if I can’t remember?

I look ahead at the upcoming questions there is a whole section on religion. Great.

When I was younger my mom and I went to church every Sunday. I can’t even remember what age I was when we stopped going, but I haven’t been since. I think part of it was my anger at God for taking Rob away. Sounds stupid and silly I know, but at that time that was a big part of my thoughts. I don’t have that anger today, but I haven’t found my way back to the church. I still have my beliefs and my moral compass is in tack. Does it make me a bad person for not going? Will I be a bad mother because I’ve been out of touch with God and the church?

I feel like by them devoting an entire section to religion that it could be a key factor in this adoption. Since Rob died, I’ve always said that when I do have children I plan on raising them up with beliefs, which involves me taking them to church. I don’t have a problem with that as I want my child to have that experience and knowledge of the Bible. So in my autobiography, should I say exactly that?

Part of me fears that I will put something in this autobiography which will sway them in the wrong direction ending with me not being approved to adopt a child.

Anyone have any experience with that or advice?