A Look Back on My 2012

looking-backWow, what a year! I’ve discovered that the older I get, the faster years go by. I’d like to take a few minutes and share some of the things I did  in 2012.

  1. Attended two training classes with my dog Sadie.
  2. Learned some words in Czech for dog training purposes.
  3. Helped my mom with her budget so she could pay off a few debts.
  4. Organized the house some more. More still to do.
  5. Created a meetup group for dogs activities.
  6. Took the jump into a child adoption and started the process.
  7. Added kitchen hardware to all my kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  8. Created table space in my spare room which now is labeled my studio.
  9. Ordered a shed that will be put together in the spring of 2013.
  10. Rewarded Sadie by allowing her on the sofa with me. I made a special bed for her, similar to her BFF Jasmine’s bed.
  11. Started scanning in all my paperwork and storing on my computer and in the cloud.
  12. Lost 10 lbs on Weight Watchers.
  13. Started a marketing plan for my Etsy items.

Looking ahead for 2013, there are some things I hope are accomplished.

  1. Once I receive my tax returns, I plan on starting the adoption home study.
  2. I even hope that maybe I’ll receive a child referral, but I’m not holding my breath.
  3. Level an area in the back yard and put my shed together.
  4. Foster a dog.
  5. Save every penny I have to help with this adoption.
  6. Blog more.
  7. Finish the trim on my windows.
  8. Order at least one window blind.
  9. Learn another language – Amharic (since I’m adopting from Ethiopia)
  10. Paint more floorcloths.
  11. Lose another 10 lbs. Any suggestions? This last 10lb will be really hard to lose.
  12. Drive the rest of my mom’s belongings up to Maryland and sort through things.
  13. Hold another yard sale or two (to help with adoption)
  14. Put on a raffle or two (to help with adoption)
  15. Look into using WordPress.org to help sell my arts and crafts, along with Etsy.
  16. Become a permanent employee at my job.
  17. Get a decent and steady part-time job to help supplement the adoption costs. Or win the lottery! 🙂
  18. Find a church I like and attend at least once a month.

Well that’s all I can think of right now. Looking at my 2012 list, I don’t feel I have thought of everything. I mean it looks like I hardly did anything this past year. I know I did though. I think sometimes it’s easier to look forward – set goals – than to look back and remember things that you did. It will be interesting to look at this list at the end of 2013 and see how many items I was actually able to complete.