My Origami Owl business

Have you heard of them? Well if you haven’t, here’s a brief explanation of this jewelry company. They make lockets. These lockets are special. They tell someones story.


Does your story have to do with your new baby?



O2 storyboard_vacation 2

Maybe you want to remember a vacation you took?




Or perhaps you want to show your support to your police officer husband!


Whatever your story is, it’s yours. The locket open up either by a hinge or some you can twist off, so you can change out the charms at any time. This is great for those who like to wear holiday things or if your child’s birthday is coming up, you can change out the charms to help celebrate.

So here’s the basic steps!








These make great gifts too! Mother’s Day, Christmas, bridal party, birthday gifts, just to name a few.

You can find me in two places:

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