105 today and no A/C

I arrived home last night anticipating a nice and relaxing evening. I walk up the stairs of my split foyer and realized it seemed really hot. It’s usually a bit warmer on the second floor than the basement level but something didn’t seem right. I walk over to check the thermostat and it was reading 83 degrees. WTH!?!

I turned off the thermostat, waited a few minutes, and turned it back on. All it would do is run the fan, so basically blowing around warm air.

I head downstairs to the breaker box and flip the switch labeled furnace/A/C, waited and turned back on. Same thing. Now I’m getting worried.

I put my shoes back on and head outside and walk around the side of the house where the A/C unit sits. Nothing. The blades are moving. I kick it a few times and still nothing.  I flip the breaker box again, flip it back on, and walked outside again. Same thing. Not coming on.

I located my home warranty and go online to fill out the work order form. I sit in the living room hoping by a small miracle that someone was working late and would call me. Nope. I sat there for a while but was sweating. I couldn’t take it anymore.

The dogs and I headed down to my mom’s living room. It’s still warm down there but not as bad so we turned on the TV and hung out. I kept the lights out since they could create more heat.

Bare in mind, yesterday with the heat index, it got to 109 degrees. Today it will be 105.

When I got to work this morning I called them and got their voicemail. I left a message. About an hour later I emailed them. Not a peep. It’s now almost noon.

I called my home warranty and she said they have 48 hours to reply. Then she put me on hold and she got in touch with the contractor who said he is just about to call me. We’ll see.

The contractor can’t see me until Saturday morning. Guess I’ll have to take it. I did call the home warranty company to see if there are any other contractors that could do it sooner but two could see me on Sunday and one could see me next week. So I think Saturday is the better deal even if it still sucks.

I’ll live, I know, I’ll just be sticky. 🙂

I’m beginning to hate holidays

Which is a terrible thing to say because I used to love them. I used to be social and always had something to do. The last five years or so, not so much. Fourth of July is coming up and I’ve been invited to a couple of events, but I hate that I have to go alone. I hate being single. Where did my life go off path? My circle of friends has gotten much smaller and there’s part of me that has become such a homebody that the thought of going out doesn’t appeal to me.

This reminds me of that movie, I think it’s called The Yes Man, and it has Jim Carey who had to say yes to everything in life. Even if he hated it or didn’t want to do it, he said yes. And it changed his life. Of course that’s a movie and who’s to say that it would be the same for me, but it got me thinking.

What if I say yes to everything?