Cycle Day 9 – Injection Time

A couple of days ago, I finished the fertility pills. Tonight is another big night in that I have to give myself a fertility injection. Now in my mind I think this should be easy. But I do wonder if I’ll be able to do it myself or if someone else will have to do me the honor. I’ve watched the video tutorial and it seems straight-forward, but when it’s time to push the needle into the fatty part of my belly…hmmm – we’ll see!

Later that same day…

I got home and was all pumped up to give myself the injection. I watched the online video again just to make sure I was doing it correctly. I get the supplies out and in place, mix the solution into the powder, draw out the correct amount, wipe off a place on my belly and hold the needle in my hand, inches away from my pinched belly area – and I couldn’t do it! My hands were shaking so badly that I couldn’t bring myself to push the needle into my skin.

I cap the needle and go and get a drink and relax on the sofa. I try to calm down while talking to my inner self. I know if anything, it’s just going to feel like a pinch. I know it’s not going to be anything too bad. I also told myself that I would be so mad at myself if I couldn’t do this. I’m 38 yo and I should be able to do this, right?

So I get pumped up again and head back into the bathroom. I loosen the cap on the needle and wipe off that same area on I wiped before to make sure the area is clean. I hold the needle up once again and I hesitate. Finally, I push the needle in and OMG, it didn’t hurt at all! In fact I didn’t feel anything. After I injected the meds in I went to pull the needle out and saw that it was pulling my skin. So I looked up so I wouldn’t watch that and just pulled. I would say that maybe 5-10 mins after the site did burn a little bit, but nothing bad at all.

I was so relieved that I was able to do this myself and didn’t have to rely on someone else to do it for me.


Cycle Day 3 – Start Clomid

I made my appointment early in the morning so I wouldn’t miss work. 7:15 to be exact. My alarm went off, the puppy started crying and I knew I couldn’t hit snooze. Did my morning routine and then headed out. As I’m driving I’m realizing that I didn’t need to make it for another location but in my confusion I did. It took me about a half an hour to get to this other location and they saw me right away, despite me being about 20 minutes early.

They drew blood to do a mandatory check to make sure I’m not pregnant. Then I was off to the private room for the ultrasound. My right ovary was hiding so the doctor had to push it around for the ultrasound to show up.

He said all looks good so unofficially he thinks we’ll be able to move forward with this rest of this process. If there had been large cysts, they would have postponed it until the next cycle.

I went home at lunch to let my puppy out and as I was leaving a UPS truck pulled up. I just knew it was for my package. I took it inside, opened it up and put the item that needs to be kept cool in the fridge. I headed back to work.

I received a text from my pharmacy letting me know that the fertility pills (Clomid) are ready for pick-up. On my way home I picked it up and continued home.

Around 8pm I took my first two pills of Clomid so if there were any side effects that I would hopefully sleep through most of them.

This all is getting way to real. I’m anxious, excited, nervous, scared, and hopeful. I think most of my fear is finding out this doesn’t work either. Then what do I do? Go back to the adoption road? But now my savings is almost gone. It’s so hard to know the best path to take but I’m not giving up.


Cycle Day 1

Is today, June 23rd, 2013! I called the doctor’s office to let them know and to schedule my CD3 appointment which is June 25th, 2013. At this appointment, they will do blood work, another ultrasound, and give me my Clomid prescription.

This may have been TMI, but I have to include all of this in my blog/journal.

Follow-Up with my Doctor

So this is the first big day…I get to hear the results of all my tests and find out what the game plan is going to be.

She tells me that my tests are very typical of a 38 year old. Some blood work numbers were within reason and some were borderline. She also said that I have a low egg reserve which means that I could possibly go into early menopause. But there are no studies to indicate this, it’s just her prediction.

The game plan is to try Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

She gave me a visual of three different methods of approach:

  1. Casual – This would include fertility pills + trigger shot
  2. Moderate – This would include fertility pills + fertility injection + trigger shot
  3. Aggressive – In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

She recommended the Moderate method but if I wasn’t comfortable with that, we can do the Casual method. I said let’s go for the Moderate!

What does that mean? Well, I will take fertility pills for five days, which will help produce eggs, then I will give myself a fertility injection, which will also help produce eggs. The trigger shot is done to precisely predict when I will ovulate. Then the insemination!

So the meds have been ordered and should arrive June 25th, 2013. Some have to be refrigerated and the others can remain at room temperature.

My next action item is to call the office when I am on cycle day (CD) 1. This will begin the process.


Talk with a Counselor

The fertility center requires all patients to see their counselor who will talk about how you feel about the process, and answer any questions you may have. My appointment with her was today, June 3rd, 2013.

She was very easy to talk to. She had her list of questions and as I spoke she would take notes. Being that I’m single brought up a bunch of different questions than she would have asked for married couples.

We talked through the rest of the process, the outcomes and the support I would have when this is all said and done. She was very thorough and it lasted about 1.25 hours.

At the end, she asked if I had questions and surprisingly enough, she answered them all. She ended with a green light to move forward and set up my follow-up appointment with my doctor.

Final Testing

I’ve done all my blood work and my HSG was schedule for this morning. I am not a fan of this test but understand why it needs to be done. So this test, they inject dye into your uterus and they can see on the monitor where it flows. The hope is that it flows into the fallopian tubes. This can tell them if there are any blockages that would prevent me from getting pregnant.

The doctor said that the uterus isn’t used to having something heavy. The dye they inject is the consistency of corn syrup so since the uterus doesn’t like it, it tries to get rid of it, causing a cramping pain.

Yeah, well…the pain almost made me fold up like origami…LOL. It doesn’t last but a minute but it was a painful minute.

Luckily my tubes are clear and good to go!

Now on to the final doctor’s visit so she can tell me the course of action that should take place.

Initial Doctor’s Visit

I just got back from my initial visit with my new fertility doctor. She gave me the good and bad news but all very realistic and understandable. She said with my age, that the chances of me getting pregnant are slim but that it can happen. I’m not ancient, mind you. I’m 38. Yes, in pregnancy life that is older than they’d like. But not impossible.

She explained the tests that I would need to get done.

  • Vaginal ultrasound
  • Blood work (two different ones)
  • HSG
  • Genetics test (optional)

We scheduled the ultrasound for the very next morning, May 1st, 2013 for them to do whatever. I think they just wanted to check out the equipment. But whatever they were looking for, came back fine.

I have my blood work scheduled for Thursday, May 2nd, 2013.