I’m still here…

I’m still here ya’ll, I promise! So much is going on that I can’t seem to keep it all straight and get into a solid routine, but it’s getting better. Some highlights on my life since my last blog.

  1. My little boy is 6m old! OMG, right? He is the most amazing little human being I could have ever wished for, and believe me, I wished HARD for him. It’s been quite a ride and lots of learning, learning about him, about having a baby, and about what I’m capable of handling.
  2. My passion for being healthy. Now I don’t eat the best, not all the time, but I don’t eat a ton of food to begin with. I’m a very picky eater so really far from being a foodie. But just because I’m not overweight (still have some baby weight to get rid of) it doesn’t mean I couldn’t be healthier. So I’ve joined a company called Plexus. It has an amazing opportunity to better my finances and give me time freedom to enjoy my son.
  3. Getting my house organized. Boy this one is a challenge. Trying to find time between a baby and Plexus can be rough but I’m slowing getting through it. My craft room is the worse and I’ll tackle that last. Lots of donating things or throwing things out lately. Plus the baby things take up a lot of space so I’m minimizing my material items.
  4. On the healthy path, I’ll be growing my own vegetables on my deck this year. Yippie! Well we’ll see how that goes. I’m not good with keeping plants alive on my deck because of how hot it gets. But I will give it a try.
  5. My deck project this summer is about to begin. I got three quotes from contractors and they all want roughly around 6-7k. Most of that is the labor. So I did research (because that’s what I do) and watched some videos on how to remove the floor boards myself. My deck’s structure is still good, but the boards are terrible, and with a soon to be crawling/walking baby, I need to make that safe. So my plan is to do it myself. Remove the old boards and put down new ones! I’ll post about it once it’s done.
  6. Writing a book! So many people hear my motherhood journey story and say I should write a book. So I’m going to do just that. If I can inspire and help others, then that’s what I want to do. I’m an open book and don’t mind sharing it with everyone.
  7. Back to reading. I’m reading The Walking Dead comics to catch up and pass what the show is doing. And I’ve bought some books on marketing business on social media and baby led weaning, so I have them on my list as well.
  8. Establishing an exercise routine. I’ve tried the gym and I’ve tried classes, but now with my son, I need something a bit more convenient and close to home. So I’m doing kettlebell routines, Zumba, and other weight training. I want a better body than I had before I got pregnant. Plus, soon I’ll need the body and energy to keep up with this little boy.

Getting Down to Business


So here we are on Jan 3rd, three days into the new year and I’m ready to go full throttle with getting things done. Yep, that’s right, you heard it here!

My first order of business is to go through my paperwork and search…and hopefully find, my marriage certificate and Rob’s death certificate. I know I have them somewhere, but where is the big question. I need both these items in order to attend the meeting with my case worker OR when I go for 3-4 hours of training. Need them this month. Not sure which one but I must be prepared for either of them.

So this week, I’m using my time to go through my stacks of paperwork and my file cabinet in hopes of finding them. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “just order them”, which is of course an option, however I priced it and it will be roughly $80 dollars. Again, not going to break the bank, but I’m looking to keep all cost down as much as I have control over.

The upside to this project (which I stated in a much earlier blog) is that I am also scanning in my paperwork and finally…yes finally, getting rid of all the space that my paperwork takes up. I have started this in 2012 so I can say that Project Scan has begun.

I’ve made a virtual file cabinet in my documents library called File Cabinet, so when there is a time that I need to find something, knowing it “would” have been in the file cabinet it should make it a little easier to locate where I put it on my computer.

My second order of business is to organize my Pappy’s coin collection. I know nothing about coins and he has tons of them so I’m going to start to sort them, inventory them and take pictures of each coin. I want to make sure there is a record of what we have before I take them ANYWHERE to be appraised. No trust there, can’t you tell? This project will be a bit different since I know nothing about coin collecting and what to look for.

My third and final, and immediate, order of business is to do a website for a family member. She has a miniatures business and wants to start selling them online. So I have been researching the best ways (Etsy, create a custom website, or WordPress.org) and I’m leaning towards WordPress.org. There are many plugins that can help setup eCommerce.

Has anyone used WordPress.org for eCommerce? If so, likes/dislikes?

Here I come!

DIY Scarf Rack

I have a tendency to take pictures and then weeks…or even months later, remove the pictures from my camera. I mean it just takes way too long to get your pictures, right? Find USB cord, attach to camera, attach other end to computer, and turn camera on. Really hard. Remember back in the day before digital cameras, and we had to drop off our film? I mean seriously, it doesn’t take that much effort, yet I¬†continuously¬†take my time removing them from the camera.

So my point to my little rant is that I found pictures I took of my scarf rack that I hung up in my room a few months ago. The great thing about this rack is that it’s sturdy to hold a ton of scarfs and it adds color to a wall that was once bare.

SAM_1582I bought three wooden racks from Michael’s Craft Store, drilled holes in them and eye-balled about where they would go. I used a nail to mark the walls through the holes of the racks. I hammered the nails in a downward fashion since it would be holding some weight. I also decided to hang them in a diagonal fashion so the scarfs would fall between each hook.

Next step is to one day paint the racks but for right now they will stay the natural wood.

DIY Jewelry Frame

I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea, in fact I saw it on Pinterest and thought “oh how cool, I want to make one”. So I went to Goodwill to buy the frame and stopped by Home Depot to buy the radiator sheet.

a bit blurry but you get the idea

a better a closer shot

Materials needed:

  • Frame
  • Radiator cover sheet
  • Super glue

Bang down or if you can, remove the tabs that hold the frame backing on. If you don’t remove them, lift them up so you can put the radiator sheet in easier.

Measure and cut the radiator sheet so that it fit inside the frame. I put something heavy on top of the radiator cover once I glued it so it would stay put.

Once dry, find the perfect spot on your wall and hammer in some nails. It’s that easy. It’s so nice to see my earrings hanging up instead of rummaging through my jewelry armoire to find them. Plus, I forgot I even had some of these!

If you have any questions, let me know!