I’m still here…

I’m still here ya’ll, I promise! So much is going on that I can’t seem to keep it all straight and get into a solid routine, but it’s getting better. Some highlights on my life since my last blog.

  1. My little boy is 6m old! OMG, right? He is the most amazing little human being I could have ever wished for, and believe me, I wished HARD for him. It’s been quite a ride and lots of learning, learning about him, about having a baby, and about what I’m capable of handling.
  2. My passion for being healthy. Now I don’t eat the best, not all the time, but I don’t eat a ton of food to begin with. I’m a very picky eater so really far from being a foodie. But just because I’m not overweight (still have some baby weight to get rid of) it doesn’t mean I couldn’t be healthier. So I’ve joined a company called Plexus. It has an amazing opportunity to better my finances and give me time freedom to enjoy my son.
  3. Getting my house organized. Boy this one is a challenge. Trying to find time between a baby and Plexus can be rough but I’m slowing getting through it. My craft room is the worse and I’ll tackle that last. Lots of donating things or throwing things out lately. Plus the baby things take up a lot of space so I’m minimizing my material items.
  4. On the healthy path, I’ll be growing my own vegetables on my deck this year. Yippie! Well we’ll see how that goes. I’m not good with keeping plants alive on my deck because of how hot it gets. But I will give it a try.
  5. My deck project this summer is about to begin. I got three quotes from contractors and they all want roughly around 6-7k. Most of that is the labor. So I did research (because that’s what I do) and watched some videos on how to remove the floor boards myself. My deck’s structure is still good, but the boards are terrible, and with a soon to be crawling/walking baby, I need to make that safe. So my plan is to do it myself. Remove the old boards and put down new ones! I’ll post about it once it’s done.
  6. Writing a book! So many people hear my motherhood journey story and say I should write a book. So I’m going to do just that. If I can inspire and help others, then that’s what I want to do. I’m an open book and don’t mind sharing it with everyone.
  7. Back to reading. I’m reading The Walking Dead comics to catch up and pass what the show is doing. And I’ve bought some books on marketing business on social media and baby led weaning, so I have them on my list as well.
  8. Establishing an exercise routine. I’ve tried the gym and I’ve tried classes, but now with my son, I need something a bit more convenient and close to home. So I’m doing kettlebell routines, Zumba, and other weight training. I want a better body than I had before I got pregnant. Plus, soon I’ll need the body and energy to keep up with this little boy.


I love the summertime. It’s when the grass turns green, the flowers bloom, and everything looks like it’s been splashed with some color. That’s why the summertime is enjoyable for me. I wish I could say that I go on vacation or that I go to the beach. Nope, none of that happens. But what I do get into is working out in the yard. I. love. it.

IMG_0222 IMG_0219

Last week I began by pulling the weeds in the front beds. Last year these flower beds were horrible. I mean, weeds up to my waist in some places. I’ve employed the help of TruGreen and this year was so much better. Still a few but NOTHING like last year. To me weeding is like therapy. I sit on a roll-away garden seat and weed away. The front of the house looks really good. I only have some bulbs blooming there but otherwise it looks good.

IMG_0221 IMG_0220 IMG_0218

The back yard is a whole other can of worms. Much bigger space and tons more to do. Last year I removed all the landscape timbers edging the perimeter of my yard and boxed in my trees. What a terrible look that is, IMO. My vision is to have cascading flowerbeds, curved nicely around the yard, etc. I have a lot of plans for my back yard but can’t think about that yet.

IMG_0224 IMG_0214 IMG_0213

IMG_0212 IMG_0211 IMG_0216

Last week I bought five light-colored plain bricks to see how it would look as a double border edging my front flower beds. I also bought an Edge Hog to edge my sidewalks and to dig a curvy line around my flower beds. I haven’t put it together just yet since I’m unsure of my design. A friend of mine’s neighbor does landscape work and I’m contemplating getting a consult from him or doing it myself. I would hate to do it myself and it look terrible. Oy!

Can I really make it look worse though?


The Japanese Maple tree in my front yard isn’t doing well. Had my friend’s dad look at it and he thinks it could be root rot. Doesn’t sound like it will recover. I have made up my mind to add a second tree to the front. I was deciding between a Tulip Tree or a Pink Dogwood. I live on a busy street so I thought the tulip tree could muffle some of that noise, but I love the dogwood and how beautiful it is but it’s more delicate looking than the tulip tree.


A few other projects that I’d like to do this year but probably won’t get to it is: remove a big tree in the backyard and two stumps, install lattice around the bottom of the deck, remove the grapevine in the corner.

IMG_0215 IMG_0213 IMG_0214

So that’s it for now. If I do a project I’ll be sure to post before and after photos.

Update: Project Shed

lifetime_shedI recently blogged about starting my shed project this weekend and how I had two friends who were able to help me. Well one of my friends has an emergency that requires his attention so he is unable to help out. I did confirm another friend’s availability but quite honestly….the stress of this whole thing is just too much.

And I mean stress. The knots that are in my shoulders and neck make it difficult to turn my head. It’s not worth it.

So I’m back to my original plan on waiting until the Spring. The plan was to buy the shed sometime in January or February and then only have a month or two to wait. When I saw the shed go on sale for Black Friday, I jumped at quickly bought it, so excited that I had it early. The excitement took over and made me want it up and ready BEFORE winter arrives. So I frantically started planning for it which only resulted in the disaster of last weekend (you can read about that HERE). So then I began the stressful planning again for making it happen this weekend. Right. What was I thinking?

So my new and final plan is to wait until Spring, where days will be longer and I can work on it a little each day. Preparing the ground is very important as I want the shed and area it sits on to last for many years. I also have a few other plans for outside once the shed is in place. I’d like to lay down a stone (or whatever) pathway from my back gate to my deck stairs, deck stairs to the shed, and deck stairs to the back door. My thought it by leveling the ground for the shed, it will not only prepare me for working with dirt, rocks, and tree roots, but it will also provide me with the necessary tools for Project Pathways. Of course I’ll still need someone to help me put the shed together but that’s because I can’t hold pieces together and screw them in by myself.

So that’s the plan. I hope the stress knots will leave my shoulders and neck in the next couple of days.

Weekend of Disappointments

14511588-illustration-depicting-a-green-roadsign-with-a-disappointment-concept-dark-sky-backgroundFor the past year I have been saving up money to buy a shed. I’ve been stalking it on Amazon and Home Depot waiting for the price to come down. I figured maybe during the winter the price would come down and I could get it, cover it up to protect it in my yard and begin this project in Spring.

Black Friday changed that plan a bit. I just happened to open a flyer for Home Depot and saw a category for Sheds. I thought “what the hell” so I opened it up and saw the shed I’ve been stalking for almost $400 off. I checked Amazon and they matched the price.

I prefer Amazon. I have Prime membership. It could be here in two days.

So I ordered it on Nov 30th. I received a call on Tuesday Dec 4th saying it would be in my state and asked when I’d like it to be delivered. I choose Friday afternoon and worked from home. I received a call from the driver saying he was running late and would probably arrive after 5pm. Fine. I then received another call, from a different driver, saying he would be there within 15 minutes. I was confused. But fine.

Driver #1 arrived with only one box. Really?

Driver #2 arrived with two boxes. Uh oh…

On the manufacture label it states 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc. So I was anticipating four boxes. Plus being the organized person I am, I download the manual in advance so I could make sure I have tools and materials needed. In the manual it has the parts listed and broken down by the box they are in. Crap!

I called Amazon and was lucky to get a really nice customer service person. I explained the situation and he then put me on hold so he could call the manufacturer to confirm the number of boxes that should be shipped for this shed. He confirmed it was indeed supposed to be four.

So now what do I do?

He said that the manufacturer would resend the ENTIRE order again. I tried reasoning with him to see if they could just send the missing box. They couldn’t. I’m thinking the company wants to make sure I have a complete set. That is nice of them. Amazon was also nice enough to refund me some of the money for the major inconvenience this caused. Thank you!

My mom works with a guy who does side handy work for people. She employed him to clean up the yard from my pruning project, transplant my peach tree and level the ground in preparation for the shed. I was even going to see how much he would charge to put the shed together. He promised my mom that he’d call her at 8:30am Saturday to let her know he was on his way. He said he had no other jobs that weekend so he could devote the entire weekend to helping me out.

Saturday arrives. No call from this guy all day long.

Sunday arrive. No call from him still. My mom texts him to let him know he’s off the job. He responded that he drank too much Friday night and ended up sleeping all day on Saturday. Sunday it was rainy out. Well hell.

Now I’m stressed. I called two people who do this sort of thing. One never called back and the other said they can’t this week but could help me out later next week. That won’t work.

Luckily, my friend said he’d help. He is available all weekend and he could borrow his dad’s truck to help get the materials needed. My other friend said she’d help as well. So now I’m feeling pretty good by having two people who I’m pretty sure I can depend on, help me out this weekend. I’m working on a third friend.

I just received a phone call to schedule this second delivery. I set it up for Friday (again). The lady said that each piece (I guess she meant box) is over 1000 lbs. I hope she’s wrong because the whole shed should be under 1000 lbs. I have a feeling Friday is going to be a surprise!

I can’t wait for this weekend to be over with and this stress can be gone from my shoulders.

I’ll post an update once Friday/Saturday arrive. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out this time.