Dog Fostering


Yep, that’s right, like I don’t have enough on my plate right now. But hey, what’s one more thing, right?

A friend of mine started fostering a dog and I’ve always thought about it but didn’t know how it all worked. My friend’s dog and my dog have been having so much fun on play dates, that her dog is teaching my dog to play. I was shocked to see them both on the floor, intertwined with each other, nibbling on each others legs, ears, and neck – probably everywhere really! I’ve never seen Sadie do that before so I was feeling like a proud mother. 🙂

After seeing them play each time they were together, it made me realize that Sadie could use a friend at home. I’d take my friends dog but she won’t let me. LOL So my friend showed me some dogs that are in need of fostering through a place she knew about and where she was fostering her new dog currently. I found a few that I’d love to actually adopt but can’t do that quite yet so fostering is the next best thing – after all, this helps dogs find a good home.

I had my phone interview with the rescue place last night and we talked for about 45 minutes. The lady was really nice and gave me a few pointers when it comes to housing multiple dogs and she even gave me a suggestion to help teach Sadie how to chase after a ball. So this summer, we’ll be sure to start working on that!

We discussed some of the concerns I have and she put them to rest very quickly. Some concerns were the dog size = crate size, getting along with other dogs and cats in the house, and house-training – mainly because I work 8-5 and could go home at lunch but a puppy would require more frequent potty trips.

So the next steps are for my friend to come over this weekend and do a home check and help me brainstorm where a crate could go. In the meantime I have to get rabies certificates for both the cats. Molly should be easy as she would have had to have them for flying purposes, but Sebastian, being an indoor cat, I’m honestly not sure the last time he’s had his rabies shot. So I’ll need to make a vet visit and get that taken care of.

If all that is a success, then the rescue will match a dog with me to foster. She did say they like to start off new fosters with a relatively mild and easy dog, and then gradually allowing me to foster more challenging dogs later on. What a relief!

I’m looking forward to giving this a try and it will help to have two dogs to keep me busy while waiting during this child adoption process and to provide a friend to Sadie.

Wish me luck!

DIY: Trick to Feeding Pets Separately

Anyone who has two different kinds of pets knows that trying to keep their food separate is a nightmare. I have a cat and a dog. Dogs love to clean out the cats food bowl.

Sebastian [14 years old]

Sebastian [14 years old]

I feed my cat dry food in the morning, when I get home I feed him a half a little can of wet food, and then at bedtime I put some more dry food in his bowl.

His dry food bowl is in my bedroom on the side near the wall, so there is only about two feet of space on that side. I place the bowl there so I can pile my laundry hamper and my vanity chair in that space so the dog won’t go and finish off his food. That worked about 1 out of 10 days.

Most people might not think it’s that big of a deal and normally I wouldn’t either, however my cat is sick. He has hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. So he keeps losing weight. The last thing I need is for him to keep losing weight because the dog beats him to it.

When I get home from work I feed the cat some canned food. This is very helpful for adding the holistic thyroid and kidney disease drops to it. I tried on the dry food. Didn’t work. For this I wait until he is done eating and then I release the dog from her command to clean his bowl out.

My mom was out with my neighbor one night and I guess they got to talking about the animal things and somehow this came up. My neighbor had the best idea. Put a chain lock on the door of the room you want to keep the dog out but let the cat in.



Can you guess the mistake I made?