July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July everyone! I’m a day late I know but just didn’t get around to saying it until now.

My mom and I went over to a cookout of someone who knows Dennis. I think it was Jennifer and Steve’s house. Nice house too! The backyard was awesome. The kids were playing in a blow-up pool that has a ladder and slide. Wish I had that when I was a kid. Was introduced to everyone and of course it was awkward for me only because I didn’t know anyone. But it was all good. Everyone was nice and very welcoming.

We went inside to get food and then found a seat back outside. Shortly after we all ate, everyone packed up to head to the Catonsville parade. I would have gone if mom did but she couldn’t do the walking (recent knee replacement) so I stayed with my mom and Dennis. We hung out enjoying the perfect weather. I mean it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I was about to head out because I was getting bored, when the rest of the gang returned from the parade. So I stayed. We drank and laughed. It ended up being a really nice time. We were there from about 1pm to 6pm. Not bad.

We headed home and chilled out in front of the TV for a little bit. Then around 9pm, my neighbor texted saying they were setting up for fireworks. Every year they get about 10-15 small fireworks to set off in their driveway. There is a ball field across the street and there is another house that sets off the more illegal ones. So we sit and enjoy everyone’s fireworks for about an hour.

Mom and I head inside – exhausted – and went to bed. The dogs were given some meds to help keep them calm during the fireworks. Kona, my youngest, got on the bed and passed out. I moved her a few times and she didn’t seem to care. So getting to sleep wasn’t bad at all.

Overall we had a great fourth of July.

Today, I did things around the house – laundry, cleaning, scanned about 250 more photos and watched some House of Cards.

Take a Poll! – Age Difference



When it comes to dating, does age matter? If everything between you is near perfect, should you not move forward because of the age difference? I’ve heard both sides of the argument but would really like to hear from others. ¬†When you meet someone and you find out there age, what age difference do you say absolutely no to.? Take the poll below!




A Weekend of Meetups

Have you heard of meetup.com? Well if you haven’t you should check it out. It’s a website for all interests. If you are interested in photography and want to join a group in your area, there might be one. Or like me, if you love dogs, you can join groups that are dog friendly. I actually created a group of my own for dog lovers and this weekend was a super busy weekend of events.

Friday night we had Yappy Hour at the Wine Bin in the next town over. They hold this event the first Friday of every month. The wine is there on a donation basis and the best part if you can bring your dog. This isn’t the best photo as it was taken on my phone camera.

Saturday was DogFest 2012 where a ton of vendors setup in a huge field and pass out free dog food and dog treats, and some dog toys and other gadgets. My dog Sadie was so overwhelmed by all the other dogs that by the end of the event, my hands were sore from her pulling on the leash. There was one vendor who is looking for part-time dog walkers so I plan on emailing them to find out more information. When I got home I crashed, literally falling into a TV coma. I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to move, I didn’t care about moving.

Sunday (today) there was a Bark-B-Q event at the dog training academy where Sadie and I attend training. This was a free event so I had to go, plus they had demonstrations on Rally and Noseworks. I am currently in Rally but I was really interested in seeing advanced Rally. And Noseworks was very cool. The dogs get a scent and they have to go and find it buried in various items in the parking lot. So this demo intrigued me and plan on signing up sometime after Rally I.

So now I am relaxing and writing my blog community sharing this busy weekend I had. I plan on staying on the couch and catching up on TV for the rest of the night.