Quick update on me

When I was blogging before, it was when I was trying to have a baby solo-style. And then I got pregnant. Well I quickly forgot about the blog while I spent time with my newborn, then time just got away from me. My son will be 3yo in Sept. Crazy, right?

Actually what’s CRAZY is me trying this all again. I’m 43. My AMH is even lower (before it was .7, now it’s .3) But my goal is to give my son a sibling. Things started to fall into place when another sibling mom had our donor vials leftover. So I thought, wow, my son could have a sibling by the same donor, how cool? Then I found out from a coworker/friend, that our insurance resets. So I called and confirmed that after you have a live baby, the insurance does in fact – reset. So they are giving me three more transfers.

Fast forward just a bit…

Cycle 1 – around March/April – they only retrieved 4 eggs. 2 fertilized but grew slowly so we canceled the transfer and froze both of them (day 6 and a day 7).

Cycle 2 – May/June – only retrieved 2 eggs, both fertilized, again they grew slowly.

We went ahead with a transfer at that point but we used the 2 frozen ones. Later I found out that the 2 from cycle 2 stopped growing so they were tossed. Blah.

Had the transfer on June 6, with both frozen embryos. They looked great. One hatched already and the other one was hatching. I home tested and I was pregnant. BUT I wasn’t going to believe it until I saw the ultrasound. My numbers were doubling properly, the pee sticks were getting darker. I get to the ultrasound – sac, but no baby.

Now this happened before. The cycle before I got pregnant with my son, this exact same thing happened. That’s why I wasn’t going to believe until I saw a baby. I went back a week later, still no baby – just an empty sac. They call this a blighted ovum.

So I have a D&C scheduled for this Thursday. It will probably take 6-8 weeks to get a period again before I can start again. I hate waiting.

That’s where I am with that.

Moving on to two other exciting things:

  1. Infertility can happen due to so many variables but one is toxic chemicals in your life. Soon after I had my son, I joined an amazing company called Beautycounter. They are leading the way to the beauty industry making changes. They intentionally leave out over 1500 chemicals in their products. They have skincare, makeup, baby/kids, and mens coming soon! Join me here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/counterbalancedlifewithtracy/
  2. My son loves books. He loves them all. I had recently discovered Usborne books and was hooked. I signed on to get the super huge discount but then I actually enjoy sharing the books with others. Join me here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tracysusbornebooks/


Next thing to catch you up on is we moved! We were in the Baltimore, MD area and last August 2017, we moved to a small town in NC called New Bern. Bigger house, more land, in ground swimming pool, and 45 mins from amazing non-touristy beaches. My Maryland job let me take it with me so now I get to work from home. Zane is still in daycare and loving it. We are working on potty training but he’s just not getting it yet!

Ok chat later!

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