Review: Bellabeat Leaf


Near the end of May 2016, I bought this beautiful fitness tracker, Bellabeat Leaf. The first thing I noticed was the design. Lovely, right? The next thing I noticed (and loved) is that you can wear it different ways. As a bracelet…necklace…or clipped to your shirt.

I wear it clipped to my shirt. Now in the beginning it took me a while to get into the habit of removing it and putting it on my night clothes. But after a little while, I don’t even think about it.


  • The app
  • Multiple ways to wear
  • Design
  • Accuracy (more accurate on the shirt)
  • Love that it learns YOU
  • Simple
  • Vibrate alarms so you don’t disturb others


  • Manual sync
  • Not water proof/resistant
  • No clock/time
  • No step indicator on the jewelry

So let’s talk about the “cons” for a bit.

Manual Sync: At first I found it annoying because all other trackers I’ve used synced periodically throughout the day. But with time, it’s something you get used to and it doesn’t take long. I sync in the morning and before bed.

Not Water Proof/Resistant: Not a huge deal for me because I don’t plan on showering or swimming with it. Not a deal breaker for me.

No Clock/Time: Still no deal breaker. I like that it’s more like jewelry than a watch. By wearing it on my shirt, I can wear a regular watch. With other wrist bands, it was bulky to wear the tracker and a watch.

No Step Indicator on the Jewelry: Yep, still not a deal breaker. Maybe it would be for some but it takes 2 seconds to open the app and check.

THE BIGGEST THING is that it learns you. It takes time to learn you, so be patient. It took a good 2 months for it to learn me.

Now the sleep tracker I feel is still learning and may never learn my sleep pattern since I have a 10m son. Every night is different and as he grows sleep will always change.


I was wearing a wrist tracker to compare during the 2 months. The wrist tracker tracked tons more steps than the Leaf, but as time went on, the Leaf caught up and even though it didn’t track what the wrist one did, I felt it is more accurate.

Let me explain. One night I was at my bed folding laundry. All of a sudden, the wrist tracker vibrated so I checked it out. It said I walked 5,000 steps! Really? I was folding laundry. So it made me seriously doubt anything on the wrist to be accurate.

Another test…I was home one day, just doing normal house cleaning and stuff. At the end of the day the wrist tracker said I had walked about 3 miles. Now come on…are you seriously telling me I walked 3 miles just around my house?? It’s not a huge house!

You can order through their website or if you live on Amazon, they offer it as well. I like speedy delivery so Amazon is my BFF 🙂

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