It’s been a while since I’ve written. Time is flying by so fast but also not fast enough. This week I’ll be 33 weeks, so 7 more to go. As much as I wanted to experience pregnancy, I’m ready for it to be over. I’m ready to meet this little guy. I’m ready for whatever my life becomes. I’m ready to sleep on my stomach again…ugh.

I think I’m ready for him to arrive anytime now. I mean the nursery is ready, the car seat base is in the car, the hospital bag is just about packed.

I had my OB and u/s appointments this past Friday. The OB appointment went well. I met another doctor so I have three more to meet, if that happens. I mentioned to this doctor that I had failed the 1hr glucose test but passed the 3hr test and wanted to know what my numbers were for the 3hr test. She said four numbers but I only remember the first two: 58, 61. They are low which is good. I was thinking if I was borderline that I’d have to really watch my sugars. But hearing they were low made me feel better.

I then went to my u/s appointment at the hospital. They took a few pics and checked out his blood flow. All which looked perfect. They estimate that he is about 5lbs…holy hell! And estimate he’ll be around 9lb at birth….again, holy hell! Got some more pics but not the best. His face was squished against the placenta so she had a hard time getting a good shot.

I’ve been having daily braxton hicks contractions. They don’t hurt but are uncomfortable. Then I have other times where my belly just gets really tight, but these last for hours sometimes. Sleeping is getting harder, and rolling over takes me about ten minutes, it seems.

I think that’s all my updates for now. We are coming to the end here so I can’t wait to have more exciting updates for ya’ll.

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