I’m in my 13th week of pregnancy and I still can’t believe it. I mean I do believe it but this journey has been so long and sometimes I never thought it would happen. But I researched and did everything my acupuncturist told me to do and here I am – 13 weeks pregnant!

This is a big week in many ways. Thirteen weeks means I’m just about out of the first trimester, so come on puking, go away already. I will also learn the results of the Maternit21 test I took a couple of weeks ago. And once I have the results, I can officially announce my pregnancy. Told you, big week.

13th week ailments – Morning sickness (or what I call “anytime of the day sickness”) is still there but I feel it’s getting better. It’s hard to know for sure because I think I still puke at least once most days. Lower back aches when I stand up. It takes me a minute to straighten up sometimes. And when people say fatigue, they ain’t kidding. The past several weeks I’m in bed between 7 and 8. The last week I’ve noticed I’ve been up a bit longer so maybe I’m getting some of that energy back.

Maternit21 test – So the results came in on April 1st, yep, April Fool’s Day. The lady said that everything came back negative so that means I have a healthy baby. She asked me if I wanted to know the sex and I said of course! I’m having a BOY! Now I can start planning.

Pregnancy Announcement – So I was waiting for the gender results before I officially announced. Those results come in on April Fool’s Day and at first I was against posting it on that day, but after getting the news of a boy, I stopped by Target on my way home and picked up some boy shoes, went home and flipped the calendar to October, circled the due date, put the shoes with the u/s near the top and took a picture. Later that night, while lying in bed I decided to post it to Facebook. It read like this: This is not an April Fool’s joke. I’m 13 weeks. #pregnant #itsaboy

After my mom saw me post it, she posted “I am finally going to be a grandma to a little boy…come this october I will have a little pumpkin”. So freakin cute! She’ll be a wonderful grandma.

Everyone was thrilled. Now that it’s out and I can openly talk about it, it feels a bit more real.

4 thoughts on “13 Weeks

  1. Congrats!!!!! BOYS. ARE. THE. BEST!!!!!!! Seriously, I cannot be happier with my little man! He is the light of my life!! And he is a little daredevil, which mama loves (most of the time!) AND the second trimester was AWESOME for me. I felt like a million bucks. Energy back, Less all-day-sickness. Enjoy it while it lasts….even though I haven’t slept through the night in almost 11 months, it has been worth EVERY MOMENT!

  2. Thanks!!!! It’s all very surreal still. My mom was hoping for a girl. She said it would be easier with a girl but I’m not sure why she thinks that. She’s only had a girl, me. I guess I would relate to a girl more or something? Who knows. But the whole time I thought I was having a girl. Everyone thought it. All but one friend of mine who was convinced it was a boy and she was right!

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