Monitoring appointments usually occur every two days until you get closer to the trigger and then they will see you daily. Mine started this past Friday. The follicles during this appointment were very small but when I asked the technician how many she counted, there was seven on one side and five on the other. Not bad. This time last cycle they counted 13, but you can’t really go by that. I like to document everything so I can compare.

I had another appointment this morning. This was at a different location and I find that every technican counts them differently. However I had a doctor for this appointment. I’ve had him before. He started measuring them but went too fast for me to see what they measured. I asked him how many he measured and he said he measured five but there were more there. This time last cycle they also measured five.

In comparing my estrogen, this is what I have:

Day 4 stims – last cycle 141, this cycle 110

Day 6 stims – last cycle 369, this cycle 285.

I know each cycle can be different and I’m not really too concerned about it but I just wonder why they are that different. I guess if they are measuring smaller this cycle than last, they would be producing less estrogen. My next appointment is Tuesday so I hope to see a big improvement then.

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