I had narrowed my donor choices down to two. Dimpled Firefighter and Hazel Eyes. I’ve been struggling over this but one of my blog friends who has ADD experience suggested to steer clear of that, to not risk it, especially since I’m single. That’s what I needed to hear. I needed someone who had some insight to basically tell me what to do. Plus I had another friend of mine confirm that same thought. If I had a boyfriend or a husband, I’d probably make him make some of these decisions for me. But since I don’t have that, my friends and blog friends are my “husband”. So thank you!

I ordered one vial today. My last vial I will ever order. It was weird thinking that as I clicked the Submit button. But it’s done. And the weight lifted from my shoulders. Now I can concentrate on thinking positive, imagining my little one, think of myself being pregnant, and doing the best I can to make this happen.

It will happen.

2 thoughts on “Dimpled Firefighter

  1. He was adorable as well!! (The firefighter) It is weird as i know so much more about my donor than i did about my husband. This is what I did know about Chad. He had ADD and dislexia. I would have had a 50% chance of having a child with dislexia. If Chad were still alive there would be no question I would have had children with him so in a way i am glad we didnt save his sperm bc i would felt obligated to use it. He also has many family members with cancer. You know as well as I do how much that sucks. I would not have wanted to worry about that as well. I picked a donor with none of that in his history. I call Elias my designer baby! Haha. Glad you ordered and i am sending good energy into the universe for this to be the one!! And i agree….single mamas by choice are my husbands! And the support i have received by blogging was wonderfully unexpected!

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