I thought for my donor dilemma that I would make a pros and cons list for each. Well that didn’t quite go as planned. Both have many pros but only one has one con. Option 2, the new option had ADD as child. That’s the only con for him. And to me that’s not a huge deal or at least shouldn’t be. Of course if it was, at least it would make my decision easier.

What I might do is call the donor bank and see if they can shed any light on both of these donors that maybe I don’t see in the online information. Plus they both have “yes” for pregnancies and it would be nice to know how many each have and when they first signed up with the donor bank.

So I’ll let you know if they can help me decide.

On to other news, I had my pre-IVF evaluation appointment this morning. Because it’s a weekend, I can’t go to my regular location, I had to go to another one that is open seven days a week. I’m not fond of going there. The wait is usually longer. I don’t know the nurses or doctors. And today I decided I don’t like their scale. It has to be off because I did not gain that much weight. Blah.

The ultrasound portion of the appointment went well, but so did the last one that ended up being canceled. My lining was nice and thin and she didn’t really count but when I said to take a guess, she said probably about seven follicles. I usually have more but I have to keep reminding myself that I’m only about 16 days into my cycle. My other cycles I’ve been on BCP for about 20 days. This time it was only 14.

I ran some errands before getting home, just to have to wait until the afternoon for the call. Usually they call between 3-4 but they called around 1:30. The nurse said that my bloodwork was good and that I can start!!!! I was like “wait, what?”. She repeated herself and I said okay!

Tuesday morning I begin injections.

AM – 300 gonal-f

PM – 150 gonal-f + 2 vials of menopur (I can’t remember the units)

I return on Jan 2nd for a monitoring appointment and hopefully there will be more to report on.

Chat later…goodnight! 🙂

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