What a long seven days. This past Friday my menses arrived so I was excited to be able to email me nurse and let her know. But of course I get her “out of office” reply. So I called the front desk and spoke with another nurse. She scheduled my cycle and had me start BCP Saturday. Usually it’s been on day 3 so I verified that she didn’t mean Sunday and she said to start on Saturday.

I will be on BCP for 14 days. Same as the last cycle that got cancelled. So we’ll see. At least this time if they need to keep me on BCP I will be able to do that. So let the fun times begin.

I go in for the pre-IVF evaluation on the 27th. I hope I’ll be able to keep going. The estimated retrieval date would be Jan 10th, but I have a feeling that this will all change based on the Dec 27 appointment.

So in the middle of getting this cycle started, mom and I got some bad news that grandma isn’t doing well. The back story is that she went in to the hospital around Thanksgiving for rapid heart rate. They gave her some meds and she was released after three days. A week or so ago, she wasn’t eating, said her stomach hurt and her chest hurt. An ambulance was called. Mom and I had plans to go down in March-ish but my Aunt called and said that we need to come sooner, like by the end of the year.

Well crap.

I spent all weekend trying to sort through my thoughts on this. My mom and I had a few discussions about it and we couldn’t figure out how to make it work unless I cancelled this cycle. Mom didn’t want me to do that and said neither would grandma. Now about my grandma, she has had Alzheimer’s for about 10 years. She can’t hold a conversation and doesn’t know much of what’s going on. Ticket prices are super high to fly down on the 27th (when my mom can get off work). Should I spend all this money to fly down for a couple of days, to talk to someone who isn’t here much anymore? Sounds terrible, I know. That has been my conflict. Will I regret not going down? My mom can skype and I can talk a bit with her and tell her I love her.

So after the second time grandma was in the hospital, mom decided to call hospice in. The hospice nurse was great and got to my uncle’s the very same day and by the end of that day, she brought a hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen tanks and some other things. The hospice nurse said that grandma has congenital heart failure, which means she could leave us at any time.

I asked my nurse what other people do when they have family emergencies in the middle of a cycle and she said they cancel. This sucks. But I think mom decided that I don’t go. She wants to drive down so she can bring some stuff they need with her and she can bring some stuff that never made it in the move. She plans to stay two weeks.

Timing stinks.

IF, and I say that with a capital I F, the protocol goes as plans, that will put retrieval on Jan 10, which means the trigger shot will be Jan 8. Mom wasn’t planning on returning until Jan 9th. Let’s hope this all work out or that I figure out a way to twist my body around to give myself the injection.

And on top of all of this, I have to buy my donor goods. I can either go with the one I used the last two times or go with someone new. Oh the stress of all this!

I think that’s about it for now. I’m tired and can’t stay awake much longer. Chat later…

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