So remember how I told you that I had emailed my nurse asking her why I should stop birth control pills when I’m only a week away from my period, but then I got her out of office reply? Well the next day (Friday) I got an email first thing in the morning and she said she got to thinking, the night before, about my situation and she thinks it would be best to finish out the BCP.

See? Always question things.

Just because they are nurses or doctors, doesn’t mean they know everything. They deal with many patients and may not be always thinking about the bigger picture. They should be but they may not always be able to do that.

In the two years that I’ve been going through either IUI or IVF, I’ve documented everything. I have a dayplanner where I write down appointments, injection doeses, blood work results….everything. I remember I was beginning a new cycle and she gave me my protocol but when I compared it with the previous one, the time frames didn’t match up, so I questioned it and she thanked me for catching that. I’m not one of those people who just say “okay” and do as the doctor/nurse tells me. If something doesn’t make sense, I question it. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong. I don’t see any harm in asking why.

So I’m finishing out my BCP which should end Wednesday night. I’m not sure how long after I stop my period will begin but I’d imagine a few days.

That’s where I’m at and probably will finish out the year on BCP when I start my next cycle. Stay tuned…

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